Sunday, June 27, 2010

I know it's been a long while, no excuse but life and work blocks the Blogger site. Argh!

Anyway, this was intent to be a mothers day card, but somehow that became just a Thinking of You kinda card.

This stamp is the new series from Stampin Up where they are die-cut but not supposed to mount on a wood block. I must say SU finally caught on that people carrying wood blocks from place to place is horrible and finally realize the space-saving thing to do is to not have wood blocks.

I know and love my woodblocks, trust me. But, the moving of blocks and space it took up , it's just became clumsy. My drawers that holds the wood block, while it's plastic, can't hold alot. Not to mention the space, it had became too heavy and when I pull them out, it rips the drawer open.

I would love it if they do the clear cling, but I also know that it will sacrifice the image and how long it'll last. Give and take, I supposed.

Cards & Stamp by SU
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