Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vintage Anya

Vintage Anya
Originally uploaded by Patty_kins
I am so giddy I cannot contain myself. I know, I know, I'm not dead, haven't crafted a while, had couple of major dance events and just really didn't have time to even slow down and breath.

But why I'm so giddy is because I got this stamp from The Greeting Farm. I have to say, they're cute and vintage-y looking. I'm very much into vintage stuff, so this is a perfect marriage for me. Plus, she's just adorable.

What else is neat, is that I made this card last night and already have someone to send it to. Lolly at Lolly Chops is doing a card drive for a friend of hers who's going thru cancer treatment. What a nice friend. If anything happens to me, I wish I have a friend like that that keeps my spirits up.

Anyway, I just adore this card because of that little Anya... Just too cute, so cute that you just wanted to squeeze.

Card by SU
Patterned Paper by Basic Grey's
Image by TGF
Flower by Joann's

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm not dead... I promise!

I know I'm a big o' slacker, but if you are here in my shoes, you felt like you're on a carosel that is constantly spinning and things are always changing and moving.

Since I have no work to show, I'll post some cool stuff I've seen:

I love Hero Arts and A Muse, so it's super awesome that they have a Designers Swap: http://heroarts.com/blogs/club/2010/03/24/watch-it-wednesday-new-feature/

I was introduced to the Kwernerdesign Blog: http://www.kwernerdesign.com/blog/?p=3096 She even posts YouTube vids.

I *heart* Shrinky Dinks, esp the ones doesn't need an oven to do, now you can make jewlery too. I use it to make wine charms: http://becreative.cornishheritagefarms.com/?p=2102

Hope to show something next week. Stay tune!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I know I've been incommunicado lately. But with good reasons, I've been helping a national dance event. You can see some dance videos here, no, I'm not in them, but they're still awesome nonetheless.

The other thing I want to share is some awesome projects from blogs that I've been keeping up with:

Here's one by TCP: Their Project of the month. Did you know that their site also have it converted to PDF in case you want to save it to do later?

The other is a Stubby Carrot by Julia Aston. It's super cute, just in time for Easter and your jelly beans. I *heart* Starburst Jellybeans.

So, go check them out. Hope to be back w/ projects soon!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Taking a break...

Hi everyone. I didn't abandon this blog. Life got hectic and it's easier to take care of them than do stuff for me. Plus, I have 2 dance events coming up that will definitely eat up all my free time to create. So, I got nada... But I'll pop in w/ links and stuff...

So, stay tune. Think of it as me taking an extra long Spring Break. Except, in real life, I am wishing that I am taking a real Spring Break. Hmm...