Sunday, May 17, 2009


Hey Blog friends,

I'm going on a little hiatus... I had gum surgery last Thursday and then the big dance event is coming up.  So, talk about no time to stamp.  :(  Trust me, it stresses me out not having time to stamp.  I just rely on stamping as the stress release/outlet, and between the gum surgery and the dance event, I can really use some stamping good time.  

That said, I am hoping to hit couple of the stamp stores in NY.  :)  So, I'll report back for sure!

See you guys soon!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Star Trek-ish

Star Trek-ish
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So, back in the college days, the guy I was dating was a big time Sci-Fi guy. I think he was a tad short of getting a Storm Troopers uniform and call it a collectable. But, our week was mapped according to what kind of sci-fi TV shows there is. Red Dwarf, Star Trek Deep-Space Nine, Star Trek Voyager. I remember when we watched the shows there was no talking allowed when the show is on; only during commercials.

With the new Star Trek movie out, I can't help but reminisce a little. Not for the show itself (don't even ask me about some episode about some alien, they're all the same to me), but the silly characters they had. When my friend and I went to Vegas this last bout, we made sure we went to the Star Trek Experience. Get insulted by the Klingon, and ate at Qwartz's bar. I bought a Ferengi's t-shirt. That's about as geeked out on Star Trek as I can get.

I kinda wanted to see the new movie, but not because of this odd loyalty to the show, as much as the hot guys. Or rather, I should say, hawt guys! W00t!

Well, when it comes to spacey stamps, I immediately hope to the Cat's Pajama's stamps. The kitty and the space ship is so perfect, like a Spock or something... Just wish I can have a Resistance is Futile stamp to stamp something... that's applicable in so many situations.

Card by DCWV
Patterned Paper by AMuse
Stamps by Cat's Pajamas

Monday, May 11, 2009

Nice Bag!

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I got my little hands on this hawt set of stamps... it's just so me and my girlfriends. We oogle over the latest bags and trends. We like to think that we're some sort of fashionista, but we're not. You see us in jeans and t-shirts and keds most days... So, none of the chi-chi high fashion for us.

I wish my inner diva is what I have on the outer, maybe then I'll dress better. Trust me, though, I'd take jeans and t-shirts over high heels any day.... Unless they're comfortable, then we can talk.

Anyway, so, little Ms. Thang went window shopping. it's quite fabu!

Card by SU
patterned paper by Making Memories
Stamp by MFT
Ribbon by MFT

Friday, May 8, 2009

You're sweet

You're sweet
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Man, everywhere I turn I see cupcakes... I Picked up this awsome cupcake stamp from Michael's for a doaller and I'm lovin' it! I wish more stamp are medallion style like that.

I also got a new DCWV paper stack ... well, not new-new per se, but new to me. Called Sweet Shoppe, how adorable is that?! Too cute.

Badda-bing, badda boom! done! 5 mins card, here you go.

This week has been stressy and tough. The event I was telling you guys about is about to be here in 2 weeks. That's not the fear of it all... the stress comes from all these inquiries, some aren't very nice. Some I just wish I can reach over via email either slap those people upside their heads or just shake them real hard and say: YO! This is a non-profit event. Remember the guy that died, the reason you still have a dance to learn from, the inspiration to many. Hello... he's the reason why you're doing this. Not some petty thing you think is the reason. Gah! My week thus far has been, Jerk Tuesday (aka waterworks Tuesday for me), Scammers Wednesday, then Scammer Remix Thurs added w/ a hint of jerk in there. That's been my week. Oh, and that's not even from my paying job. Geez.

When can I stamp again?
Patterned Paper: DCWV Sweet Shop
Flower stamp by SU
Cupcake stamp by Hampton

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Different kind of stamp projects

Hi guys,

I've been totally stress out for the upcoming dance event in NYC.  While I love NY, this event is driving me crazy.  On top of that, it is taking away my stamping time, 
which is my sanctuary and my stress reliever...  It doesn't matter that I'm just straightening paper, sharpening pencils, or really stamping, if feel decompressed when I'm in my craft area.

Anyway... when I get to sneak away, this is what I made: 

I was dying to do something because work and this event I'm helping is getting really stressy... I needed some stamping/crafting time.

Here's some more close up shots:

Cover stamp by Stampendous
Coffee stamps by DeNami
Flower stamps by Paper Source
Patterned Paper by Memory Box

Friday, May 1, 2009


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Sorry for abandoning the blog here... been so swamp IRL that I really didn't have anything good to say. And you know what mama said, if you ain't got nothing good to say, say nothing. So... there.

I remember the name Birdy was from Hope Floats, well, I'm sure there were other characters with that name too, but that's the most recent I remember hearing. I remember thinking or finding it hard to believe it stood for Bernice. I really like Bernice as a name, it's nice and friendly.

Anyway, I made this care to thank a board member for the dance club. She started to help us out when she's the chauffer for her kids who go to the club weekly. You know, there are sports mom, we have dance mom. So, instead of her sitting in the car, we invited her in. And when we were short handed, she always volunteers. In return, we let her kids get in for free.

Now that both of her kids who dance, are well grown, and are off to school and work, she still comes and help. We were all ready for her to give up her post, but she took such pride in it that it is really her baby. Plus, that's one less thing a 100% volunteered organization has to sweat about.

In return, I proposed to send a Thank You gift card, and I made a card to go with it. She laughs that it's like she's gifting herself, but it really isn't. We just wanted to thank her for doing all she does for us month after month. Thank you, Bertha!

Card by SU
Patterned Paper by American Craft
Stamp from Imaginasce