Friday, August 31, 2007

Another Thank You

I don't know what gotten over me, I got these letterpressed Thank Yous and just been dying to use them. This is another attempt to do a 'masculine' Thank You. I'd figured that I can't have enough of those, since most of my cards are more 'girly' oriented.

I'm not sure if this is the right combo, but seems like for cards to be masculine they 'should have': darker color (mostly navy, forest green, maroon), men's theme (fishing, golfing), non-cute-ish (no kitty cats or puppies), words, or designs.

Sooooo that means, no Diva designs of any kind, all my pretty flowers can only be backgrounds, oy. Do you have that dilemma? What do you do?

Card by DCWV
Colonial Quad by Paper Source
Letter press by Paper Source

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bling ring

Well, this is a fast engagement card that I whipped up. I had wanted to use brown, but then I launch into a search for the right background paper to match the card and so on... well, you ladies knows how that goes, before you know it, it's time to head out the door. So, quick will have to do.

This stamp I got on sale, Paper Source had their annual warehouse sale, and I went on their last day, so while it's dug over, I also got packs of cardstocks for cheap. I mean, like a full box for $5. Hey, they're looking to get rid of it, might as well be me. Some couples scored big on their wedding invites. Now, that's what I call a bargain.

Anyway, back to the stamp, I must've gotten like 8-10 stamps various size and they only charged me $5 for all of them. My jaw dropped. I was sooo happy talk about being in a candy store. Drool drool.

Talking about stamps, I placed an order w/ CTMH and will be for SU. Can't wait for them to get here...

Shadow Stamp by Stampendous
Ring stamp by Paper Source
Ink by Paper Source

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Something in the water

This card I made it for my friend Becky who found out she's preggers recently. She's chic, so this girl is perfect. It's kinda funny, she found out she is having a little boy. It reminded me of Gilmore Girls: I know nothing about little boys. Most people I know have little girls, with a few expectional moms.

That said, my high school friend who lives in DC called out of the blue, and before she can even announced the news, I guessed it. Mainly, we've been so busy that we haven't talked for a while, and for her to make a call out of the blue, it must be big news.

That is a funny story to itself, because her mom was in town hanging out w/ the family of another friend, and she didn't want the friend to found out from the mom. And naturally, she knows if the friend found out, it will trigger the call tree. So, she rather the news comes from her, which I wholeheartedly concur.

Right now, we're waiting on our friend Bubba and Lisa to have their little girl... it should be any day now... maybe I should go make a baby card real quick.

Stamp by Rubber Romance
Patterned Paper by Basic Grey

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This is really a CASE from Paper Source's letter press invitation dept. I swear, if I know how to use a letterpress, I'd be thrilled. Or if I can afford one, I'd be thrill too. Those things, if I recall is giangantic.

Ironically, when I was 2, my Dad had lots of business ventures, and actually pretty good artistically. And he bought a letter press that is hand cranked. Don't know how it got there, and don't remember how it left the apartment. Yes, we lived in a tiny apt in Hong Kong. So, don't know how it even made it thru the door. Anyway, now, I wish we have one, isn't that funny?

Don't get me wrong, my dad is alive and well, just that he's not in the printing biz anymore.

The closest I can get to is a Gocco. If you haven't heard of them, they are the Mini-Bake oven equivalent for a printer. There is a Flickr group that is dedicated to Save Gocco. Reason being is that the company that makes Gocco is closing down the division, so no more can be made. Though there are places that will slip out their overstock.

Personally, I still like the wood and the rubber, and now the clear stamp (Woot for my binder full of them), but Gocco is also neat that you can print on fabric and a lot of other materials other than paper. Hey, maybe you can make your own paper to use. Ahhh....

Alright, back to work!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Quick and easy

This is an oldie but cutie. I think I'd done this card a while back for my friend Benjamin. Mainly because he's a hermit, but the other is because that's how I smoke him out of his fox hole. LOL.

This is a cute cute card, just the peep thing. I wish there's a stamp that say, What's Happenin', My Peeps. That'd be funny. In reality, I don't like Peeps, they're great fun to look at, just taste horrible. It's odd because I have quite the sweet tooth myself, and that was just tooooooooo sweet.

Stamps by Art Gone Wild
Ink by Colorbox

Friday, August 24, 2007

Here comes the Bride

Ha, I remember when I was getting married, my priest wouldn't allow us to have 'Here Comes the Bride' as our procession song. I believe it came from 7 Wives for 7 Brothers the musical, and it essentially was making fun of the bride who will end up getting old and fat? LOL, I don't even remember, have to dig up the lyrics to know for sure. Anyway, he had some really bad association with it, and hence don't like the song.

Don't worry, I ended up w/ Cannon D, and then I had Sarah McLachlan's aria from her first album as procession song. It was just beautiful and enchanting. :) Good times, good times!

At any rate, this card is made for a co-worker of mine. She's very smart and also work very hard around here. She's of Danish decent so she's going to go back to Denmark for her wedding and then a reception here later. The office usually do some sort of gift card and a card for people to pass around and sign, so I volunteered my service. This is just nice and elegant, I thought.

Funny story: she sent me an invite, and I told my husband that we're going to a wedding in Sept. He was all on board with it, until he found out it's in Denmark. HAHA... that's too funny. He doesn't like to fly, so that wouldn't work out very well. :P

As alot of you may have encountered this, most people's respond cards are very plain, just attend/not attend type stuff. The back was blank, I just can't stand it, and stamped all over it. The groom was thoroughly impressed. Haha... too cute.

Background Damask by Impress Rubber
Bride by Rubber Romance
Ribbon by Target
Ink by Paper Salon

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cherish, Cherish

Everytime I see that, it makes me think of that Madonna song back in the early 90s that was a popular video during summer time. She was at a beach and you see the waves hit. It's a total Summer thing. Of course, that's a prelude to the League of Their Own movie. Talk about a blast from the past.

I usually send cards like these to my friend Benjamin. He's been a good friend since my college year. He's now a professor in Louisiana. At any rate, I do cherish him, because he was one of the few people you can see that they'll truly be your friend for life.

Funny antecode, he had offered for my family and myself to evacuate to his place when Rita was going to hit. Except the damn storm went to his place instead. Poor guy. So, always put others needs above his. Very awesome of a person.

Alright, enough mush. :P

Card by DCWV
Patterned Paper by Anne Griffith
Background stamp by Paper Source
Cherish stamp by SU

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Let me tell you, I learned so much from everyone in the Blogasphere. All these talented ladies willing to share their work, and be someone else's inspiration. That's so awesome, that everyone is so willing. I *heart* Google Reader. Totally Mclovin' it (yes, I went to see Superbad). Oy.

If you've ever got 2 hour to kill and want some mindless entertainment, Superbad is your movie. It does have a plot, as a matter of fact, it's several plots merged into one, and have a happy ending type. I'm all for that.

Alright onto the card for today:

This is a CASE from Amy Westerman. Of course hers is much more classier. But I like how this one turned out too.

It's nice, simple, and clean. It's very monochromatic, but you can still get that the card is conveying Joy. I'm all about that. Plus, I just bought those 2 pieces of paper this weekend, they're just begging to be used. It's actually pretty awesome, the Black one is by Making Memories for their Halloween collection, but it looks nothing Halloweeny. Totally classy. *Two Thumbs Up* They also have this new flock and scratch thing too. I was drooling at the store when I saw them. Hope they have more stuff like that coming up.

White Patterned Paper by Anne Griffith
Black Patterned Paper by Making Memories
Flower stamp by Inkadinkado
Congrats stamp by Stampendous

Monday, August 20, 2007

As promised...

Ok, I promised that I'll post something, here's what I've got. :)

This is also part of the commissioned cards series. Just like Jodene was saying, making men's cards are so hard. Just not hard wire that way, you know what I mean? ;P So, I had to think long and hard and see what that 'should' mean, and how it 'should' look. That's hard. Of course, I also don't want to use up my good card stock is really the story there. I'm such a hoarder. I got probably multiples of stuff, just don't want to use them up is all.

That's why, paper crafters are such pack rats. Not only are we collectors, we also can find use w/ the tiny-est piece of paper for something. Doesn't matter that I don't know what I'll be using it for now, but I'll do something with it. Oy!

Anyway, the feedback by my patron was that he likes the Maroon one for his professor as a thank you. He thinks the one with the 'little piece of paper stuck on it' is a tad frou frou. Ahem, excuse me... that is one piece of letterpressed Merci. Gimme a break! And personally, I like the navy one much more 'masculine' in compare to the Maroon one. But, hey, I'm not the one that's sending the card. So, whatev. I get paid either way.

One more from the series, I'll post that tomorrow. :)

Card stock by SU
Ink by Encore
Stamp by Impress rubber
Thank you stamp by Stampendous
Letterpress by Paper Source

Shopping weekend

I don't usually get a chance to go to multiple stores, so I have to brag and do a card post later. ;)

I always complain about this, but being the 4th largest city that I'm in, there's no stamp stores or decent scrapbook stores inside the loop. For you non-locals, all the haps are usually inside the loop, but apparently people who love to paper craft or scrapbook are not. So, have to resort to Michaels and Hobby Lobby, which btw, the one in my area suck, I have to go another locations of both of those franchise to get something decent. Sad, I know. That's why I get so much stuff online and buying like a maniac.

Anyway, want to show you guys 2 spots down South part of town. They're both in Clear Lake/Friendswood area. Think NASA, that's in that neck of the woods.

First it's By Design Scrapbook Boutique. It's kinda funny, I was told about this from a friend that lives in Arizona. For some reason, people from out of state knows more about this store than alot of hard core locals. As you can see, they are playing up the chic factors here. Hot pink and damask designs everywhere, and if you want to see more pics Click here. The place is really as neat as you see them here. As far as merchandise goes, the price is good, but the lines are not as much as I would expect them to carry. They have the Basic Grey, the Making Memories, and Hambly. Since right now, they're in, but I think they have potential to do more. They are real big fans of Heidi Swapp, who can blame them, their stuff are quality stuff. But, like I said, I think they can carry more without too cluttery.

I really hope that they do well, and keep up the chic-ness. We need a place like that, and the owner, Tracy was very nice. She rang me up, and was talking about donating stuff she can't sell to churches. That's totally awesome, seeing how expensive things are nowadays for her do that, that's very nice. I mean, I know she gets a write off, but still. Alot of people just sell them at cost in their clearance section. Speaking of, I don't remember seeing one there. Hmm...

The other place I went to was Novel Approach. They've been around for a while, I just now gotten around to visiting them. (Did I mention that things are far from me? Like about 25 miles far.) Anyway, they have a decent size store, but they sure packed them in. I swear they have every occasion of stamps, stickers, embellishments, paper you can think of. So, I was totally thrilled and spent alot of $$ there too. :D They have the holiday stuff out already which is good for us stampers. New paper, *sniff* ahhh... paper high. *drool drool*

Alright cards later.

Friday, August 17, 2007

This is commissioned by a fellow dancer. He's wanting a special Thank You card to thank his professor who has been a mentor to him. At first, when I showed it to him, he was like, Urm.... interesting. I'm like, that's not much of a feedback. I mean, interesting good or interesting bad? He claimed it was good, but wanted to see what else I can come up with.

WEll, sure, that's fine, I can take a challenge. But, most of my stuff are what I considered girly. So, for a dude giving to another dude, that'd be too gay. I mean, for a woman to give it to a dude, that's very appropriate, but for a guy to a guy... anyway. You know what I mean.

Even this one I think it's a tad on the lighter side. I was trying to draw my masculine vibes but they were nowhere to be found. So, this is what came out. I got a couple more that I need to take pics of, we'll see how those fare out.

All cardstock by SU
Florish stamps by Autumn Leaves
Center stamp by SU Carte Postale
Thank you stamp by Stampendous

Thursday, August 16, 2007


You know, I got stuck hearing that Glamourous song on the radio. Why is that Fergie Ferg's songs that are popular involve spelling of some sort?

Anyway, when I think of Glamourous, this girl reminds me of 5th Ave ladies who lunch and ladies who shop on their leisure.

Aack, that song is so stuck in my head. Geez.

I didn't feel like I should color her because she's just so classic. I thought about putting some color on her, but just wanted to be 40-esque-ish. So, hopefully it achieve that look.

I've stamped a few cards last night, I'll take some new pics tonight and share later.
Cardstocks by SU
Glamour Girl by Paper Romance
Background stamp by Paper Source

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Quick cards

I'm sure this happens to you too, you look at your calendar, lo and behold people's birthdays are creeping up faster than you remembered.

I had to whip up couple of bday cards for my 2 friend's daughters. One of them is a friend from high school and one is from college. Both had a little girl about 8 days apart. So, if I remember one, that means I have to do another. Then realize another friend's birthday is about the same time. So, had to whip up 2 kiddies ones and think of another one for the grown up.

Ok... what should the grown up's be, that's fast and cute?
Flower cake
Cardstock by Stampin Up
Patterned Paper by Making Memories
Stamp by My Favorite Things
3D Embellishment by All in the Cards
Color by Prismacolor

Birthday Present
Cardstock by Stampin Up
Stamp by Paper Salon
Patterned Paper, stickers, ribbon, and Tag by Making Memories
Color by Sukura Metallic Gel pens

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Baby is cold... urh...

I love the song Baby, It's Cold Outside. It's been covered by alot of artists, my favorite one is done w/ Suzanne Boggess. It's different, it's cute. Well, there's no cold weather in sight here in Texas. It's like the 5th day on 100's degrees. That's hot as Hades when you add 80-90% humidity. When you go outside, not only heat hits you in the face, you get a warm breeze brushing thru your hair... you feel like you should be able to enjoy it, but you can't because it's so hot. Grrr... Bring the rain back!

So, needless to say anything that can take my mind off of the heat is definitely welcomed! I'm part of a Yahoo group that do stamped, 3D embellishment cards. The ladies there are very talented. So, this is a creation by Michelle Q. What is so unique is that the snow in the background is actually done w/ a bleach pen. I've always wanted to do that, but too chicken. Knowing me, I'd knock over the pen on something I really love and ruin things. Have been known to happen. I swear.

Anyway, hope it's not as hot wherever you are.

Drum roll please...

First of all, I'm glad there are people out there looking at my blog, and my counter does reflect that but sometimes you wonder, ya know. ;) So, thanks so much for popping in here.

Second, alot of you were talking about this really makes you think about your own stuff. It makes me think of mine too. Some of you are lucky to have daughters to pass on to. I don't (yet), so I'm actually adding an instruction sheets to my will to tell my survivors what to do w/ all my craft stuff. Silly, I know, but takes out the confusion for sure.

Enough delay already! Here we go!

Alright, all the results is generated by, would the winners please email me your address at And here's the results...

The winners are:

CAKVD said...
Hello! I've often wondered what would happen to all of my scrapbooking stuff when I pass away. That's nice that your coworker gave you all of this.
Cheryl KVD

August 10, 2007 7:45 PM

jodene said...
Thanks for the chance. Makes you think. It's a good thing I've started my kids young to enjoy crafts. I will say a little prayer for your friends loss.

August 11, 2007 6:31 AM

projectr said...
WOW! 4 prizes ... it's a real candy land! Thanks for sharing the goodies and blessings to your coworker.

August 11, 2007 2:53 PM

Lilian said...
wow!! look at all that candy!!

thanks for sharing. :)

August 13, 2007 10:28 AM

Congrats! Thanks again for stopping by.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Candy, candy everywhere

If you haven't already, go and comment on the post on Aug 10th. Deadline is tonight at midnight Central time zone. :)

I had worked on a few things, but didn't have time to take any pics yet. So, no pic today.

Also had been very disturbed, when I was in Chicago, I swear that I bought a stamp. So, when time comes that I want to stamp with it, I realize it's not there. No idea where it could be. I mean, it could be that the store clerk forgot to put it in the bag, or when I repack it was left at the hotel room. Or the stamp thief came and stole it. But trust me, turning your packed craft area upside down to find one stamp is just a hair-pulling experience. I was so sad that I just went online and get another one. Argh!

Here's to hoping you don't have the same experience as I did.

Pics tomorrow, I promise. :)

Friday, August 10, 2007


Alirght, teased you enough. Here's what I got: See here not one, not two, but 4 prizes. As per previous post (like several days ago), these are stuff given to me by a coworker, whose mother is a crafter and had passed recently. Other than what's here, I'll thrown in a little something from me as well.

In order to win, I won't make you do anything difficult. Just leave a comment by Monday Midnight CST, I'll use to draw 4 winners.

Good luck!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bad Day at work. *pout*

See, back in the day (who knows from 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s~I think), people were allowed to put booze in their drawers. I now know why. Not only is work stressful, it's also very unpleasant. You're spending more than 40 hours with these people that you have to see day in and day out. There are times I see my co-workers more than I see DH. So, it really doesn't make sense when they're making your day unpleasant and you feel like you have to defend yourself.

Since I don't have booze easily accessible to me, I'll just have to craft out my frustrations. I do however, admire my martini girl. She can drink all that she can for the two of us. LOL. :P Seriously, I'm not a Martini Girl, not even thru the whole SATC revolution. I'm the girly drink kinda girl. But hey, who's complaining, right? ;-P

Anyway, will talk about the Blog Candy tomorrow. Need to go craft things out. Hey, all that money into the supplies it's my therapy, ya know. ;)

Martini Vellum
Stamp by Rubber Romance
Color by Prismacolor

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I was reading Julie Ebersole's blog and she posted the Rules of Acquisition. You guys have to read this. It's hilarious... or mostly because we can all identify.

Also, go check out Gina K's Stamps for a Cause. Last time she made stamps for Autism donation. This time she is selling a set for Make A Wish Foundation. Every set she sells $7 will be donated to the foundation. Worthy cause and great stamps. Can't miss that!

I'm often greatful to see people who are so talented are giving back. No matter how big or small, just havning the intention and drive to follow through, it's such an admirable thing. Wish I can do that someday.

Swirl stamps by Autumn Leaves
Single Flower by Hero Arts
Cardstocks by Stampin' Up
Flowers by Fancy Pants
Brad by Making Memories

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Vday already?!

Well, I was playing around with some magazine challenge, they are doing Valentines day, so figured can't hurt to play along... =D

I always forget that magazines have to go ahead of normal people. Most of the time I check Papers Craft magazine and also their gallery to see what's they are looking for. The other obvious ones are Rubber Stampers and Take Ten (which I forgot what their link is. Another place I go to is the Pub Call. They did started out with mostly publications, but now all sorts of companies contact them. So, that's a fun little site to have on your Google Reader.

Card by Stampin' Up
Patterned Paper by ???
Rub on by Scenic Route
Couple Stamp by Amuse
Background stamp by InkyAntics

Monday, August 6, 2007

Hangin' Tough

Haha, do you guys remember the song from NKOTB? Hangin' Tough. LOL =D. I totally remember that, esp when every so often one of them surface to do some TV thing. Actually E! True Hollywood Story did a story on them and I happen to catch them. That was so funny.

Anyhoo, I love this monkey because we have a friend we call him the Sick Little Monkey because he always turn innocent statements into something in the gutter. So, I love him for that. This monkey, however, begs to be hung somewhere... so, there he shall be.

I don't know if you guys have a chance to check out Impress Rubber Stamps. I swear they have alot of neat stuff that they make themselves. Including the branch that comes with a flower. It's very friendly and easy to use.

Scrap paper by Target
Patterned paper by Memory Box
Branch stamp by Impress Rubber
Monkey stamp by Rubber Soul
Sign stamp by Hampton Art

Friday, August 3, 2007

Alright, I was slacking off yesterday. Work work work, ya know. ;) Need to support my expensive habit urh... hobby.

It's no surprise that other than stamping, and recently skating, shopping is also a big hobby of mine. LOL. I wish I can be like this chick and go shopping with a car full of stuff. When I was in Chicago and went to my 'usual' places, there were things but nothing for me to buy. You experience that? You have money burning a hole in your pocket and nothing to spend it on. That's ok, just trying to save for a big purchase for different stampy stuff. :) Just thinking about it makes me giddy. =^_^=

Sad news for friend of mine, but maybe good news for you out there in blogland. Co-worker's mom passed away, she is also an avid crafter, and my coworker knows that I'm a freak about it, so she gave me her mom's stuff. Alot of them will be donated to children's hospital and they can play with it. Mainly because it's half cut papers and used pencils and what nots. But, there are alot of unopened Soft Spoken embellishment stuff. So, once I get them sorted out, I'll do it here candy style.

Sometimes I wonder what would DH do if I pass and have all these little papers and stamps all over the place. Would it be silly if I included in my will to have him eBay them? Hmm... I do remember one time there was a huge lot of stuff on eBay for sale, and the seller specifically said she doesn't know much, just trying to sell her deceased mother's craft stuff and find them a good home. Poor girl.

Anyway, on an up note, a friend of mine found out that she's preggers, so I'm going to make her a card, hope to have something to share soon!

Patterned Paper by Provo Craft Ectetera
Stamp by Rubber Romance
3D Embellishment by K&CO.
Color by Prismacolor

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Happy Waiting

Have I told you guys how much I loooooove Rubber Romance. I just love them. I got my order and just went mad crazy on stamping. I stamp and stamp and played and played. Trust me, that's such therapy for me.

What is also exciting is that this stamp is soooo brand spankin' new that it's not in their catalog, they don't even have a catalog # or a name for her. I know you can get it direct from Rubber Romance or you can get them thru Paper Pretties which is based out of Canada. The ladies there have a kit of the month with the stamp that features Rubber Romance, the Bellas, and My Favorite Things. Definitely go check them out. If anything, they also have a gallery to show you what kinds of projects they've done in the past.

That said, I saw some of the talented ladies doing this, thought I gave it a go round. The technique is called Paper Piecing. For more info you can go to InkyPaw's blog and see the tutorial. She's much more patient than I am, I only did 2 layers, but it works for alot of projects. So, definitely give it a shot!

Stamp by Rubber Romance
Patterned Paper by Provo Craft
Color by Prismacolor