Friday, August 29, 2008

Last link for the week...

I know, this whole week I have no pictures to share, that kinda sucked... but I'm back now, just need to load some pics and be ready to go. So, I promise, next week, I'll have pics to share again.

Today, I want to share this cool little stamp company called Splendid Little Company. The owner also called it Pink Poison. But if you check out their stamps, they're uber cute and chic. I'm so glad she decided to do an early release of her new stamps. I, however, is waiting on the cupcake stamps to be available. MUST. HAVE. It's just too darn cute not to have.

They also have a bunny set and a friends set that I've been eyeing on... so hopefully they're all here and I can buy buy buy! Oy!

I tell ya, I work my 8 so I can support my habits... Go check them out!

Have a good holiday weekend!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stamp store in Chi-town

So, I was slacking because trying to wrap things up and go home... but that is not before I have a stamp class at the LSS here in Chicago.

I go to my trustee place, Stamp On In ran by Rick & Terry. I love them because I had called to reserve a spot in the class and Terry totally remembers me. How cool is that?! And when I walked in, Rick remembered me by name. That's just customer service to the core!

Anyway, made some cards w/ the Cuttlebug new folders, that was totally neato. And if I see something I don't understand how it works, Rick would just pull out his set of toys and shared with me. That's just totally awesome.

If you're interested in buy supplies from them, they have a online site. It's called More Than Ink, very clever! They do fill orders very very quickly. So, I do recommend them to all.

Or if you happen to be in Chicago, it's a MUST STOP stamp shop.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Paper, paper, and more paper

So, today's selection was actually found by Amy at Heartfelts Greeting. She found this EcoJot website. They have tons of eco-friendly products, but most of all, they are cute and colorful.

You can download their catalog and see what they have... check them out!

Monday, August 25, 2008

DUH on me!

So, I did make some cards to share with everyone, except....

Camera didn't have enough battery, no biggie, plug it in to charge. Great... Leaving for Chicago for work, no biggie, got my card reader packed, CHECKED! Hmm... at the airport found soemthing interesting to take photo of... wait... d'oh! Camera still at the dock in my craft room, not on me.

I couldn't even ask DH to go unload the photos so I can share them... gah! How silly is that?! So, no photos to share this week...

Instead, I'm going to pick some stamp companies that I just now heard about and post them here and share...

First one is Pink Persimmon. I think it's cute, and some of their stuff. I especially like the Jack & Jill w/ the wagon. Too cute.

Ok, more companies this week.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Here comes the Bride...

Hello, total slacker here... I know I know... Truth be told, I was super swamp... I'm training someone this week who shadows me all the time. So, not only do I not get my work done, I also can't goof because she sits right here. Boo!

Anyway, another Bride card that I've made. I like this card, except it'll be too heavy to mail out. However, I did get some good deals when I was at Tuesday Morning. So, don't discount the place to be a bedding and linen store, they have paper goods too. Yay, for discount craft supplies.

So, back to the card. I was debating to either send this one or the other one to my friend who got married earlier this week. So, the good and the bad, good is that I like this design better, bad is that it's too damn heavy. Guess I'll mull over it some more.

Here's what the plate says: (just ignore my thumb)

Stamp by Hampton Arts
Patterned Paper by Paper Salon
Flower paper by Target
Plate by Making Memories
Ribbon by Target

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2 images

So, I'm in this swap group, and the challenge is to do 2 cards, same image with different themes.

this is my first one:

The intention was to make it look more action-y. Like it's moving, as in a cartoon or something. But, turned out that it's harder to do than I imagined.

Then, this is the 2nd one.

I must admit, I was tried and just have to get it out the door. But I like the layout enough to make it work... :)

All Paper products by SU
Stamp by BAM POP

Monday, August 18, 2008


Originally uploaded by Patty_kins
Well, a friend of mine from the West Coast gotten married this past weekend. Obviously we didn't make a trek out there, but she's a good friend nonetheless. So, i thought I'd make a card for her.

I'm in no shame for sending stuff late. As Emily Post said, you can do it up to 1 year of the wedding. Since I"m just a few days behind, eh!

This is short, cuz I have to do some training. But I had a good vacay w/ the DH. Went shopping at the outlet center and go about 70% of my Xmas shopping done. Woot!

Have a good day!

Card by Joann's Essentials
Patterned paper by DCWV
Stamps by A Muse

Friday, August 15, 2008

I know, I know...

I'm a total slacker... Sowwy...

But here's something I've made.

He's my new friend... :)

We are in Austin vacationing, I just needed to get out of work for a few days, or else I will hate everyone very very much. Hahaha... So, I'm getting some R&R and play out here and hopefully it'll be refreshing and I'll be ready for work again. ok... I'm going to go play now. Have a good one!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How Paper Crafting help me in school (Tutorial included)

So, I am taking this one class for work. And every month we have to make presentation for the class and we must have a visual to accompany our speech. So, I did overhead slides, power points, and the very last one is a persuasive speech, so I decided to go out on a limb and do something different.

I was watching the Olympic ceremony and sitting in front of the TV making my Never Ending Card and working till Midnight.

So, here's the end result: My speech was about this fake company roll out some program we're passionate about. I'm not exactly a tree-hugging hippy, but the speech works for my style. The card definitely helped, because I got and extra 5 points out of my presentation. (Tutorial below)

Here's the tutorial for the Never Ending Card:

Need 2 pieces of paper, I'm using 4X4.
(It's hard to read, I know)

On both pieces of paper, mark one inch from both ends and you should get 2 inches in the middle.

Then flip it over and make a mark in the middle (so you should have 2 inches from both sides)

Then, we're ready to fold & cut. Fold the 1 inchers, and cut in the middle of the paper.

I marked A, B, C, D in the corners so you can see it:

Then you glue A to A corner, and B to B, C to C, and D to D.

Then, give all of the sides a good fold in:

Now, you can open and open and open and keep going like the energizer bunny.

In terms of stamping... the best thing to do is to stamp the front side of 2 pieces of paper, then after you've glued, then it'll make more sense to stamp the rest.

I have had one person keep it in the last position, like a cross. And have a postcard as the card's backing. And so you can lift the never-ending card from the postcard and it's easy to mail.

Hope you enjoy it, have fun, can't wait to see your creations!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I promise I didn't forget about you guys... just that work has been uber swamp so was this weekend.

I did have a tutorial ready, just need to sit down to write it... stay tune!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Winners are...

drum rolls please....

Congrats to >>>>

First prize winner:
Linda said...
I would love to win your awesome candy. Thanks for providing great info on your blog!
Linda Peterson
August 2, 2008 9:18 AM

Our first prize winner will get:

Martha Stewart paper pack and 12 mini stamp sets one for each month of the year.

Second Priza winner:
Kimberly said...
Congrats on reaching 5000 posts :)
July 30, 2008 7:42 PM

One pack of Martha Stewart DP

Third prize winner:
Stampin Cats said...
Congrats on the blog hits. Love the card. I have a lot of stamps that have not been inked. I did join a pif group and my stamps now see a lot of ink.
August 1, 2008 4:20 AM

Prima flowers

Congrats to all, please email me your addresses. Thanks for everyone for playing!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Organize it!

This was supposed to be yesterday's post, but I got swamped... will announce winner shortly

No card today, but I am doing a write up on organizing as promised.

Lately, I've truly became a clear stamps collector... To be honest, I'm still a wood mount kinda girl, but seriously, if you have to move - you're essentially moveing wood blocks. Plus, right now the clear stamps is really giving you a bang for your buck. Often times 5-8 stamps for $17, which normally cost $7 per stamp.

As I got more and more clear stamp set, I'm started to run out of room. At first I was very lucky to run into Willy N' Way booth to buy their binder and 6X6 album page that has velcro to keep my stamps, but since they stop making them, not sure if they're still in business.

Then I run out to Michael's and buy all those $1 stamp from their bin... now I'm really running out of room... so after watching Jennifer McGuire's blog video, I'm totally inspired! (Here's the inspiring video for your enjoyment.)

I ran out to Office Max and try to find these sheet protectors:
For Baseball Card size, you can fit 12 of the $1 bin sets in there.

For the 4X6 photo size, you can fit the smaller sets of stamps.

Of course, if you have the full size sets, you can use the full sheet protectors:

And if you have any straggling ones, I used the 3 pocket ones:

You can do some DVD size ones as well. Sky is the limit until you ran out of pages. Haha...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Red and Blue Bday

Happy Bday
Originally uploaded by Patty_kins
So, I just dug up some scrap and put this together... looks like it needs something more, just haven't figured out what just yet.

Yes, we are still in hunkering mode for Edouard... people has been calling it Edward, Ed, Eduardo... It's kinda funny. What's not funny is that they kept making people at home panic like we're going to have a Katrina type event, when it's really a tropical storm. I swear, half the city is shut down, when all we have so far is no frills rain. Go figure.

Anyway, still have one more day to sign up for Blog Candy... go quick!

Card and Stamp by SU
Patterned Paper by Autumn Leaves

Monday, August 4, 2008


I know I'm a slug... but I have a good excuse... This past weekend, we had invited a national instructor to teach a workshop.  I was there 90% of the time.  Let me preface by saying that I only had 2 weeks to put this workshop together.  I thought we only had 17 people signed up, that'd be 17 people that can get better.  But then we had 47 people showed up.  So, I didn't get to stamp any.

Then, now, we're prepping for 
Edouard. Not that it'd be as extreme as Katrina or Rita, but people do get panicky and started to clean out shelves at the grocery stores. What's worst is that we're hunkering down in the event that there's no power. It's one thing that it rains and floods... it's another when it gets to 101 degrees and no A/C. BAD!!!!

And you know what the kicker is??? Both DH & my Mom and several friends don't have to go to work tomorrow... I just know that I would have to... GRRR

That is totally not your problem... what is your problem, however, is that if you haven't signed up to win the BLOG CANDY, you should!!!! Go sign up and good luck!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Dressed up

Dressed up
Originally uploaded by Patty_kins
Ha, whenever people say All Dressed Up, I always think of 'Nowhere to go'. I think we need a stamp that say that.

Anyway, hopefully this chick got all dressed up and have somewhere to go. She's so pretty, it's amazing. Which, because I'm a great enabler, Rubber Romance got some new stamps at their Etsy account. Truly, it's because I'm a big fan.

Don't forget, sign up for the Blog Candy here and we'll do drawings on the 6th.

Have a great weekend.

Card and patterned paper by DCWV
Stamp by Rubber Romance
Pearl by Hero Arts
Bling by Gemstone