Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday

Friendly Tin
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So! Did everyone recover from Thanksgiving ok? Did you go line up outside a store at 3am in the morning? I've always thought that's crazy and unless they're going to sell a TV that's worth $1000 at $200, you cannot get me out of bed at that ungodly hour. Haha!

That said, today is Cyber Monday, supposedly, people scoped out the deals in the shops and try to shop the same thing online today. I've checked a few things out, ironically, whatever I want isn't available online, so guess what, I ended up finding it at the store. Go figure!

So, here's more enabler alerts, for clothes: check out this nifty list of places:

For crafty stuff:
Hope Stamps Eternal is having a sale:
Taylored Expression:
All that scrap:
Eclectic Paperie:
Stampin Up!: free shipping

Also check all your favorite stamp manufacturers, they're also running specials.

For my project today, it's a tin that you can store cards and nifty stuff in. It was pretty clever for such a simple project. Just a tin, 2 different cardstock, wrap it around the tin. Wrap the ribbon around it, and just add tag. Tres' easy.

All by SU

Friday, November 27, 2009

Sparkly & Bright

Sparkly & Bright
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Alright... are we all still recovering from yesterday? I know some people had 3 thanksgiving dinners to go to... talk about popular, and stuffed!

Anyway, I'm kinda in a better mood about the holidays now that Thanksgiving had came and gone. I'm telling you, I usually have my Xmas/holiday cards made in the summer, this year time just flew by. Now, I'm more in the spirit of things and am ready to go!

This is one of the cards I did at the demo's class. I just really like the container that you can hold whatever. I've seen some had candy inside, which is good concept, but that also mean that your receipent will have to tear your card apart. So, good in concept, not so good in reality. Plus, I still like the old way of doing shaker cards, and you can put beads and stuff in there.

So, today, Black Friday! You don't even have to roll out of bed and fight the crowd to take advantage. Bless the souls who put these together, but go check them out, you may find something you want/need without having to stress out about finding a parking spot.

For clothing sales, go here

For craft related sales, go here

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gift card holder

Gift card holder
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This is another project from the class I was telling you guys about. This one is a gift card holder. It is kinda cute and I didn't take a photo of the inside, but it's pretty cute and neat.

The card itself is cut from a die cut, and dummy me had forgotten about the folding part. So, the first time that I did it, I had cut 2 pieces instead of one long piece. Duh on me!

The back, which you can't see very well, is actually rolled over w/ a big wheel stamp to create a subtle background. The Dec 25 is a stamp matched w/ a punch. The reindeer is perhaps my favorite part. Of course, it really gave it a personality. He was made w/ die cut of a damask, we punched the nose and eyes, and I think there was a punch of the oval for his face as well. It was funny because the sample in the class had his face straight on, I just moved his nose and gave him a mouth. Still adorable. So cute that I don't think I'm gonna give him away. Hmm...

All by SU

Enabler alert: Since it's Black Friday everywhere, online stores are no exception. Here's what I saw:
Addicted to Rubber Stamp
Cat's Pajamas
My Favorite Things
Amuse Art Stamps

And all Michael's Stores are opening Thanksgiving afternoon.
If I see more I'll post them here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Gift bag

Gift bag
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So, I was on vacation and as luck would have it, I got to catch a class with my demo. Can I just tell you that my demo is super duper awesome?! She has the best projects to offer out of all the demos I've met. I think that's one part of their business that alot of people lacks. I think the demos usually in such a hurry to push their business that they don't realize what keeps people coming back is great projects that showcase the products they're trying sell.

Some of the demos I've met, they do these very simple card projects. It's hard to blame them because alot of them are novice stampers themselves. While that works for their friends and families who don't stamp or craft or scrapbook; but for someone who's been doing it for a long time, we need something that will challenge us. And I appreciate what I learn and get to stretch my brain to do something different. Anyway, thank you Judy!

This week I'll showcase projects she taught me, so while I did make them, they are definitely not my ideas. So, go to her site and inquire her and give her your business. I know this sounds like I'm doing a commercial for her, but trust me I can't be bothered if she isn't good, and I didn't get anything out of it.

All supplies by SU

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


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Well, when I was waiting for my vacation to come around, I was anxious and was thinking that I'll have time every day to create stuff. And I mean every day.

Ok, to be fair, I did create some daily. I had made the wreath, I baked, and made candies. I had hit the ground running since I had my first day off. And now being more than 1/2 way thru, I still have tons to do. How can that be?! Argh!

This card is another product of the KI Memories kit. Sometimes, the most simplest design makes the cleanest looking cards... That's kinda cool... not too much stuff to crowd it. Don't get me wrong, I love all the accessory and embellishment like the next girl, but sometimes, it's nice to be simple.

Ki Memories

Friday, November 13, 2009

Joy present

Joy present
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I know, the big o' slacker that I am... still slacking, I only have a scrap card to show, not even a stamped card... I know. Mea Culpa. Let me tell you all those Catholic guilt is working great and the sad thing is no one standing over me with a ruler, and I still feel bad. Oy!

Anyway, the most serendipitous thing: the other day, i was taking something out of my trunk and I found this card kit in there. Yeah, I do that. I buy stuff on sale, probably either close out or clearance. I didn't have room and didn't want to take it into the apartment, and just left it in the car. So, I saw the edge of the box peeking out, and thought: ah-ha! I can use their sketch and make something. So, I got a new set of supplies to play with.

I wasn't quite ready for Holiday Cards, but i know I have to get there soon enough. The sad thing is, I'm on vacation from work, and not going anywhere; yet, I have not been in the craft room. Every single day I've been running errands all around town. Last night I finally get to sit down and that is to file away paper stuff. No creative time.

I'm going to a Letterpess class tomorrow, let's hope that will jump start some creative stuff.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Fall

Ok, ok. I know this is supposed to be a stamp blog, but it's really my craft blog. So, you'll get to see my other craft. I'm on vacation, so that translates into I have time to do things. Ha!

This is a Fall Wreath:

I followed instructions here, they're easy to follow.

Here's the closeup:

A few tips for making this... the foam wreath was messier than I thought it'd be. The little bits of foam started to fall off and it's all over my shirt and my jeans. So, having a roller that picks up dirt and fuss, would be handy. I would cut the ribbon even longer than the instructions have recommended. The ribbon length made a prettier tail as you are tying them.

If you have clicked into the instructions, you'll see how much impact you get when you do it in one solid color. I was trying to make some Fall theme, so added some diversity. But, hindsight, I think I would've liked a solid color too. Maybe something to try if I do it again. But I like how it turned out...

24 yds of 1.5 inch Grosgrain Ribbon (may need more for the hanging part)
12 in foam wreath

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lookie lookie...

I know you've been waiting all day... Sorry took me so long, but stuff got hectic. I am, however, greatful that everyone's had some great suggestions for inspirations. I am about to have 2 weeks vacation from work (it's mandatory) so I'll definitely go check out those places and get something decent put out on the blog. :)

Without further adieu,

Loot #1 goes to:

Tertia said...
I am inspired by the girls that I teach at a local high school. They never run out of energy or enthusiasm and when I am stuck, I will sometimes throw a random question at them like: What colour combination is exciting? They never dissapoint me.

November 2, 2009 12:16 PM

Loot #2 goes to:

Stamper said...
Other people inspire me. I will look at their blogs and that will give me inspiration to make something. I love making cards and giving them to other people. They will say "You made this that was very nice". Thanks for a chance to win that was very nice of you.

October 29, 2009 2:08 PM

Winners please email me w/ your deets. And thank you everyone for playing. We'll do another one of these soon. :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Don't forget...

Don't forget, you still have time to win some Blog Candy. Go to post here: Click Me. I want to thank everyone's suggestions on inspirations. If you think of more, feel free to post the comment here. :)

Drawing will happen on Wednesday, Nov 4th.

I do have cards to show, but got home really late and didn't get a chance to upload the pics. Will do that Wed too!