Monday, March 31, 2008

Yay for new stamps!

It's so nice that you order stuff before your trip and when you get home, the stamps are waiting for you to play. Ahh... that's the life... let me tell you. I was so excited when I got home to just play w/ all my new stamps. I got new stuff from MFT but since they're Vday themed and sentiments, it's no biggie, but it's fun nonetheless.

Then, I had ordered a bunch of SU stuff for my bday. So, it all arrived at the same time too. How cool is that?! OMG, let me tell you, just to be around stamps and paper makes me happy.

Anyway, this weekend I decided to make cards for those who bought me stamps to thank them for my bday gifts, so here's the series.


Friday, March 28, 2008


Purple/Green Series
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So, just got back into town last night and had to hit the ground running at work this morning. Of course, it doesn't help that I'm mondo late to work either.

This weekend is another dance weekend, my friend Michelle lit a fire under me to sell some of my cards. I've done the prep work, like packaging them and pricing them. But now, it's showtime. We'll see how that goes.

Anyway, this is another oldie but goody. There's no stamp whatsoever, but it's nice... I think.

Hopefully, I'll get to do some cards this weekend. I know my bday present from DH & MIL has arrived w/ my SU demo, just have to go get it. I can't wait!

Paper & Tag by One Heart One Mind
Rubon by Making Memories

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Day

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Hello from Atlanta... still sick-ish... but better. :)

Didn't abandon the blog, just got busy here subbing for someone else...

This is another oldie but goodie card. It's very vibrant in person, just that my shotty photography was doing an half-@ss job.

Anyway, the paper is Italian and I loved loved loved it. I didn't want to cut it up, but it went so well together. That's usually the case with nice fancy paper. I hate to cut it up, but you know you need it for something.... Of course, lo and behold I went back to the store I got it, and they stopped carrying it. I've been searching high and low and got something closed to it on Paper Mojo but that's it. Oh well... only live once right?

Well, maybe I'll go back to Florence one of these days and get them there. HA! At the same time, this card is so cheerful that makes me happy, so you have to go with what makes you happy, right?

Hopefully I'll be home soon and make some cards... we'll see. :)

Happy Day Stamp by Hero Arts
Italian background paper
Orange card by DCWV

Monday, March 24, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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This is an oldie but goodie. I'm travelling for work, so no new stuff, but this is what I call a Classic... this card I made for my college roommate who moved from Texas to Colorado. Her and her husband both were born and bred here in Texas, so it's a big change for them to move away from friends and families.

I sent this card to them for their housewarming... Colorwise it's a tad blend, but I was just in love the patterned paper, so I can't help it.

As for me, I've been sick and still am, so travelling for work it's just not as fun. I tried to go to 2 different stamps stores yesteday which is in the suburbs of Atlanta, and they were open due to Easter. Boo!!! I was ready to go to town at those places, but alas... my money was safe for another day... Ah well... I know I can try to go again today, but since I have to return the rental and it is 20 miles from where I am, it's just not as easy to get to... too bad, maybe another time.

Green background paper.
Pattern paper by Basic Grey Sweetpea (Pink = Alyssa, Green = Jack).
Home Sweet Home sticker by K & Co.

Friday, March 21, 2008

*cough cough*

I didn't forget my blog friends here... but I've been sick since the dance weekend... Last night we also had my bday celebration, of course, ate too much, drank too much, and had too much sugar all around.

Some of the good stuff, got some Cuttlebug folders, some stamps by CCStamp by ATS, gift cards to Michaels, and gift cert to a massage place... That'll be nice.... when I'm done w/ this cold that is... *cough cough*

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin'
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Well, I got so excited that I stamped another Mr. Penguin Pop, but this card turned out a tad blander than I'd like. It was supposed to be cash (short for casual) but it somehow came out plain. Of course, after I put it altogether, I wanted to put some ribbon, and do another rubon that won't overwhelm what I got. But then, I also didn't realize all that until I can't find my ribbon and rubon that'd be suitable.

Still trying to recover from the weekend. For those who think I'm crazy or lazy. I had about 12 hours of sleep in the span of 80 hours or so. So, I'm still catching up on that... Oy! Gimme a pillow.

Card & Patterned Paper by DCWV
Stamp & Rubon by Imaginisce

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


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Sorry for being in radio silence, but this pass weekend with the dance event totally kicked my butt. Had about 14 hours of sleep in the span of 72 hours... it was hard on my body. I realize what a wimp I am.

That plus, yesterday was my bday, trying to take it easy and just not do much was my goal. Luckily, I achieved little yesterday, so that was good... Both DH & MIL were so kind to get me my wishlist on SU, and I believe some friends is getting something from ATS, so I'm a happy stamper.

Anyway, this is my newest favorite: Imaginisce ~ A Shore Thing. Isn't he the darling-est? Da bomb! What a cutie pootootie. I had so much fun just stamping and coloring him. More so than the girlie penguin friend, but that's alright by me.

Totally reminding me that summer is truly around the corner... what needs to be done in order to get the day started.... =D Well, until that happens, I'm catching up on my emails... you wouldn't believe how many emails I got for being out just one day...

Card by DCWV
Patterned Paper by Amanda Blu
Ribbon, stamp, brad by Imaginisce A Shore Thing

Friday, March 14, 2008

Piece of cake

Piece of cake
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Well, quick car update... I got my car back!!! Yay!!!! You have no idea how much I miss my car until I'm stuck w/ a rental car. It's strange, the little things you're used to in your car is not there, and makes your driving experience a horrendous one. I mean, I have no idea how much I miss my keyless entry, my automatic lock (esp. in the hoodlum), my electronic window (the rental is the winding down ones, which I didn't mind, except the direction used is counter-intuitative)...etc, you know, little things like that.

Well, since work was quiet I took the opportunity to take a 2 hour lunch and run to the dealers and bail my car out of the lot. Let me tell you, it's like my kid out of the hospital or something. It looks decent, nothing shaken up inside. And all is good with the world once again.

So! Let's talk about the card... I had to make a quickie bday card. So, I did what Paper Salon used to do w/ their cards. They use the main image and stamp it as a background. Can I tell you that I'm not real fond of that technique? I mean, if it works for you, then more power to you, but it's not doing it for me. To me, it just looks busy, despite the fact that I framed the main image as well as colored it in. Hmm...

Well, I believe one can have their cake and eat it too... so, here's to cake!

Stamp by Paper Salon
Card by SU

p.s. Since this weekend is a huge dance weekend that I'm kinda/very involve in, I won't have time to play. But I did make a bunch of cards from previous weeks so I will have stuff to show. Except on Monday because that's my bday and I'll be recouping from the weekend festivities and taking off work to just be lazy about. =D We'll see!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring fling

Not your typical Spring
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So, update on the car.... good news/bad news.... Good news is that the Body Shop at the dealer already called and say they can be done as soon as Friday. That's tomorrow... I'm so thrilled considering I was thinking that they won't start working on it until today. They're done by tomrorow?!

Bad news is that they wont' release the car until they get the check. Which, according to the lady I talked to, they cut the check on Monday. But that can mean either they made it out to the mail on Monday or Tuesday... and today is only Thursday.

Meantime, my poor little kitty mobile will be in the shop still. :( Hopefully that gets resolved soon... I miss my car.

Alright, the card... this is the Not-Your-Typical-Spring color challenge with my LJ swap group. Everyone is very excited and can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

That said, I got my inspiration for this color set from... get this... my undies... LOL... Just totally cracks me up. I was just staring, which I do alot to get some inspiration, but that strike me hey... the color combo is pretty cool. So, hence the color combo.

Anyway, I was hoping to put a little bling in the center of the flowers, but I don't know where my little bling pack went... it went MIA, so I'll have to hunt it down or go buy another pack. Hopefully, in time before I have to send this to my partner.

Card by DCWV
Cardstock by SU
Stamp by Imaginisce For Peep's Sake
Ribbon by Michael's

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

St. Patty inside

St. Patty inside
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I have to apologize for the bad photo... but I did this for a Spring Swap and was in a hurry to send it out....

Anyway, I basically had the center and had the clover sticker in it and covered with patterned paper and cut a window for you to see in. Like I said, I was in a hurry.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll post another Spring Swap that I'm doing, it's Not-your-typical-Spring color swap. I'm kinda excited... hope it looks better than I had in my head. LOL.

Sorry, short post, but running late, gotta run... no update on the car... hope it's ok. TTYL.

Green texture card, Clover green patterned paper by DCWV Spring Stack
clover inside by Paper Studio
yellow ribbon, green floss and swirl paper clip.

I'm weak...

I swear I used to be better... of course, doesn't help that the words doesn't make sense together.

A card post later.

62 words

Speed test

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


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I really needed some Sympathy today... I took my car into the Body Shop to have it repair. In the meantime, they gave me a rental. Let me tell you, I already missed my car. Poor thing. They probably won't get to work on it today, despite the fact that I'm the first one in the shop this morning.

Since none of us opened up the hood after the accident, and none of us dared, because it may not be able to close again. There might be internal damages that we don't see. At this point, I don't care much of the cosmetics, of course, it'd be nice, but I just want my ol' lil' car again. *sob sob*

Anyway, onto the card! This is another set of Verve Visual. It's very versatile and very fitting. I actually saw someone who received flowers that are those colors and just had to run home and stamp those colors out. How cool is that?!

This card is more subdued, but you konw, not all cards are loud and fun. Well, still fun, just not loud. =D

Card by DCWV
Patterned Paper by MAMBI
Stamps by Verve Visual

Monday, March 10, 2008

Chalk it up

Chalk it up
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So... kinda recouping from the car ordeal. My poor car looks so sad... all dented. Luckily, this was fast, and so far painless. Everyone is very helpful on both sides. I'm going to do drop it off and get fixed, and hopefully, it'll be as good as new... *fingers crossed* So, I'm going to chalk it up as being lucky ... but not yet because I don't want to jinx myself before the repair is done.

Speaking of chalk, I just had time to do a few quickies, so this is one of them. I stamped this image and this is my chalk version. I haven't played with my chalk as often as I'd like. Just that you have to dig things out, get the stuff all lined up... yes, crafting is not for the lazy.

Anyway, I chalked this one, and have another one that I flocked... so we'll see how they measure up.

Gotta go catch up with the day... ttyl.

Card by DCWV
Patterned Paper by Amanda Blue
Stamp by Endless Creations
Ribbon by Michael's

Friday, March 7, 2008

Nothing to share...

... I was soooo exhausted from yesterday that I'm really not in the mood to be crafty, little to say cheer-y.

Work was a fire drill all day long, then I got hit by a young driver. Their insurance is less than sub par, so now begins the long drawn process.

I hate getting into the wreck. I'm find, car drivable, but not so fine. :( Very sad for the hood. Of course, there's not a dent on her SUV. @&$%! So, that's that...

I'll work on some stuff this weekend and post again next week. :(

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blue Thanks

Blue Thanks
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This is going to be a short post, I'm totally swamp at work today... wasted all morning at the DMV with a bunch of weirdos. High school students who are driving for the first time (oh boy), people that doesn't read directions posted on signs that are getting tested. See, that's what makes me nervous on the road. More importantly processing people who neglect you when you walk up, and continue on with their conversation; when, if they had stopped chatting and concentrate on processing I'd be out of there in 2 minutes instead of 10. That was not an exaggeration, seriously, she punched in 2 things asked me for my old license, social security card, didn't even really look at it, ask for my money and had me sign and take a picture. That does not take 10 mins... seriously. (yes, I'm a tad annoyed)

Anyway, here's the Verve Visual stamp set I've been bragging about. As soon as I opened it, I made 4 cards off the bat. I had so much fun just playing with it and different color combos. That's so cool.

Alright, gotta go back to work... have a good one.

Stamps by Verve Visual
Card by DCWV

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Uh-oh, I've been tagged

Haha, I got tagged by Heather.

Here we go:

What were you doing ten years ago?
I just graduated college and working similar to what I am doing now but for 2 awesome managers that are really serious in work but fun off the clock.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Sadly, about the same thing I am doing now, dancing, teaching, DJing, stamping, minus the skating.

Name your five favorite snacks.
1. Peanut M&M's
2. Banana
3. Baci Chocolate
4. Cola Gummi
5. Jordan almond

Name five things you would do if you were a millionaire.ok I'm jaded because of what I do, but can we be a billionaire? haha
1. Pay off bills
2. Buy a place for my mom and another for my dad
3. Set up trust fund for my kid
4. Travel around the world
5. Work at a craft place

Name five things you like doing.
1. Stamping
2. Dancing
3. Listen to music
4. Teaching
5. Watch my favorite tv shows

Name five things you would never wear again.
1. Neon anything
2. Tights
3. Leotard
4. Ballet shoes
5. Tennis outfit

Name your five favorite toys.
1. Laptop
2. Nintendo DS
3. Crackberry
4. Anything Hello Kitty
5. Stickers

Now I have to tag people... If you want to play go for it. I know, I know... I'm ruining the circle but hey, it's fun if you like it (cuz i do and I love it) but some people don't like to be tagged. If you do one, leave a comment so I can read... :)

Coffee Girl

Coffee Girl
Originally uploaded by Patty_kins
I'm soooo mad, I blogged this afternoon right before lunch, and was wondering why it didn't show up on my Google Reader... well, I finally came over to Blogger and realized... it never showed up. @&$#!

Anyway, I was just saying that I like this girl because she reminds me of a friend of mine who had just had her baby. When I see her during the baptism I'd like to give it to her. Sometimes I think when there's a new arrival, while that's exciting, new and awesome. I think the Mama sometimes gets forgotten because the focus is usually on the little one. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but the mama is important too. So, I was going to do a while girlie thing for her. Just need to find a good sentiment for the inside.

That said, Allison over at Stamp When I Can just found out that she's preggers, yay!!! And she's giving away some blog candy, so go congratulate her, and help her out with some names.

Card & Patterned Papers by DCWV
Ribbon by Michael
Stamp by InkyAntics

Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm a bum...

I made several cards this weekend but didn't get a chance to take some pics to share... All I have to say is that I love Verve Visual's Floral Remix, I made 4 cards with one set. I've never been so inspired.

Anyway, another shamelss pimp is for Sheet Load of Cards which is a monthly free Zine that is cardmaking centric. This month their blog went past 15,000 hit, wow can you imagine? So, in celebration, they're having a month long celebration with goodies from different vendor. Hope you can stop by and check them out!

I'll come back with cards tomorrow. TTFN!