Thursday, January 31, 2008

Heart Soar

heart soar
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Not to be narcissistic, but I'm lovin' this card every time I look at it. :) You know how sometimes you see a project and you can hardly believe that you did it. That's how I feel sometimes...

This just kinda came together on its own... guess my muse had mercy on me and gave me a break. Because the entire card came together in less than 5 mins. That's a record, people!

I love this Savvy airplane stampe, and there's a word stamp that goes along with it, but most of the places I looked at sold out of the stamp. How can that be? They are meant to go together, why would you have more of one than the other? Oy!

Much like Amuse had this cute bra stamp that has a word stamp that said: Thanks for your support, but I can find the word stamp but not the bra stamp. I mean, c'mon people, it was made to go together... Altho, in that case, I can see that word stamp is a common thing that people would want.... *sigh* whatcha gonna do.

Anyway, the red strip you see there, is not paper, it's a very nice, thick ribbon. I'm loving the thick ribbons these days... as soon as I can set up my bookshelf, then I can go back to crafting.... ack! Need to be off my butt and do that soon... maybe Saturday.

airplane stamp by Savvy
word stamp by Inkadinkado
tab by Scrapworks


I am so honored that Heather over at Stamping the Details had nominated me for the "You Make My Day" award. That's so awesome!

I guess I'm supposed to pass it on and nominate someone else, I'd like to reciprocate to Heather, because I love her blog(s). But here's my nominations:

1, Crafts on a whim
2, Christi
3, Ashley Jane
4, Danielle
5, Laura

Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Clams, again...

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Yes, clams again... they're so darn cute, I just can't help it.

Anyway, this is an easier one to make, which reminds me that I really need to go back to doing sketches... I like how sketches inspire me and make me think.

A few that I check out is SketchThis:, Card Positioning System (CPS), PageMaps, SCS in different places (in members company, in techniques, in challenges). All worth looking into.

I'm also digging up some old stuff to mail out for a Girly Girl challenge for my CardSwap group on LJ. Already mailed out a recycled Xmas card for my Yahoogroup, and need to work on the Vday sweets pack for my Yahoogroup partner. Also needed to start on my pink & green challenge... Whoa... my weekend is packed.

Oh and we have Superbowl and parties to go to... time... I need more time. Better get crackin'.

Card by DCWV
Heart stamp by Hampton Studio
Background stamp, Clam stamp, word stamp by Savvy Stamps

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


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Whenever I hear 'XOXO', it reminds me of Gossip Girl, which is on hold until the writer strikes ends. BOO!!! The Gossip Girl sign off is:"You know you love me, XOXO, Gossip Girl"

Anyway, this XOXO is for lovey dovey lovers... or as Carry Bradshaw would say 'Lova'.

Yes, I watch way too much TV, in case you can't tell. But I digress.

This card again is not made for anybody specific. Just got some stuff laying around and thought it'd be nice to make something of it.

Truth be told, I think I've mentioned it several posts ago, I've actually packed up my Vday stuff. But still have several more cards to show... :)

Other than that, right now, we're rolling thru Easter stuff, which is sooner than I realize, who knew that they moved Easter up earlier this year? Should've known when Mardi Gras started earlier too.

So, here's the chain of events: 3 friends bday, Superbowl, DH bday, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, Chinese New Year (guess I should make a card or two for that, huh?), another friend's bday, then Vday.

That's alot within 2 weeks time. Isn't that crazy?

Card by SU
Patterned Paper by Colobok
Rubon by 7 Gypsies
Stamp by A Muse

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sweet nothing

Sweet nothing
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Sorry this pic isn't very clear... I tried shooting it several times and it still came up the same...

Anyway, hope you had a good weekend. It went by so fast, I don't even know what had happened... All I remembered was a blur. Other than that, I got zero crafting done.

I did, however, clean up one of my desks, as I prepared to put another bookshelf in there for my craft stuff. It sucks because no one wants the desk, and I feel bad throwing it out. I liked the desk because it's the first desk I had since moving out of home. I picked whatever I wanted and paid for it myself. So, I'm very proud of this desk, which makes it even more difficult to give it up.

Anyway, it's all clean, dusted, not a box or a piece of paper on it. I have to keep up w/ momentum so I can move the shelf in there.

That said, I did make some more Vcards last week, after I vowed not to make more. But I found some of my stamps inside my little clear stamps folder. So, I felt obligated to ink them up. So, ink I did...

This is a plainer card, but wasn't really into Vday this year with all my friends and DH's bdays. (2 big ones, and 3 not-so-big ones) With all the hussle and bussle, I'm more incline to make more Bday cards than Vday cards... Anyway, so here it is.

Have a good day!

p.s. I was reading Julia's blog, and she did a Dahlia Fold, which is a tea bag folding technique. Which came from Handcrafted Greetings Go check it out, there's other free instructions and templates too. Have fun!

Friday, January 25, 2008


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I just love this... it's so cute and so true sometimes....

I often like to see little emoticon that have one lean over to kiss the other and they blush. That's what this reminds me of.... too cute!

I also was inspired by the Savvy site to do some 'Savvy' style stamping. That is: stamp a background, and stamp the main image in black on top and work it out with a theme. So, that's what I did.

Result: I think the background of the card and the shadow image I have was a tad busy even though they go together fine. But, it is not exactly directing my eye to the clams. And as the message said, Happy as a Clam... I think I'd like to spotlight it more... we'll see.

Another busy weekend ahead, hope the sun will come out soon. Feel like I'm living in London or something... dark, cloudy, misty, and dreary.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Purple love

Purple love
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I was looking at this card and have to giggle a little. The word stamp is from a Xmas collection from Stampendous... but I'd much rather the LOVE stamp be used for Vday than for Xmas.

Anyway... this is one of my generic cards... what does that mean? Well, this is one of those I'm not making it for anybody in mind. Sometimes my friends inspires me and I like to make cards for them. This one, however, have no one in mind.

My Mom likes this card because she likes this color combo. I like it ok, maybe is the Bow, but not sure... what you think?

Card by DCWV
Heart stamp by Hero Arts
Love stamp by Stampendous
Mulberry paper by Target

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


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So, here's another Vday card... it's a quickie... I love making Vday cards, but I don't usually send them out, so I don't make too many of them.

I mean, I used to send everyone a card on almost every occasions, but then I got busy and forget to mail... then you know how the rest of that goes... to the pits.

This is a nice simple little card, not too much frills. I really like the card itself though, the pattern is subtle and it's very subdue. Or maybe I'm just tired... don't know which...

Alright, hope you have a great day before I kept on blabbing on things that I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Card by Making Memories
Patterned Paper by DCWV
Stamp by Hampton G Studio
Clip from Target

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I just got picked to be part of a publication... I'm soooo excited... this is my first time ever get picked!!!! Now, that still doesn't mean that I get published... well, until is printed... which I will know when I get my complementary issue of the magazine... but trust me, if that's the case, you'll know...

I'm just soooo excited, and I just can't hide it.... Yipee *jumping up and down*

Cards tomorrow....

Friday, January 18, 2008

Vday abound...

Mouse V
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I wish this is a better picture... but, considering... you can kinda tell about the card, right?

This is all SU products... I like the DP very very much... Reminds me of the BG DPs... Wow, let's see how many shorten abbrivations we can go for in one sentence.

Anyway, I just have to say, I love their ribbon, nice solid color and silky... just so good that I can't stand it. Don't worry... again just window shopping... much like yesterday.

Haha... yesterday Michelle must think I was crazy w/ all those purchases... I wish... only wishful thinking... maybe I'll put it on my wish list since bday will be in couple of months. I tallied up all that stuff, it's close to $500 *jaw dropped*... there's just no way... haha... like I said, wishful thinking....

Thursday, January 17, 2008


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Well, I finally got around to doing Vday stuff... seriously, I used to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Valentine's day stuff... this year for some reason just not as into it. More I'm distracted...

There are all these great stamps out there, and as they say, too many stamps, too little time. Yesterday, in avoidance of work, I was window-shopping around for stamps... so get this:

I want 10 sets from My Favorite Things truly, I just really 4 of them. And they give you free shipping for $40, but those particular 4 won't qualify me. Boo.

5 sets from Lizzie Anne total to $89 no free shipping... boo. I know I'm little late in the game to join, but they do have some fun stuff.

I want 4 sets from All That Scrap that's about $72, luckily they ship for free for any order over $10. Good thing is that these girls have tastes and also carry MFT & Lizzie Anne, so that free shipping bit is very very very helpful!

4 sets from Kim Hughes birdies total up as $70... don't think they have free shipping

Then, grand finale of them all, 12 sets from Paper Trey tally to $231. And yes, there is free shipping for orders over $40.

This is insane!!!! Cannot be.... I mean, I need stamps like I need a hole in my head, but seriously.... Gah!

Anyway, back to this card... This is my first Vday card of the year. It's good color combo, I think. But it is a tad muted. I was trying so hard not to buy more new stuff... so trying to work off what I have... So, I dug up my Making Memories Romance card set, and have had it. I like it... because it is almost saying thru that letter, loves me/loves me not... very appropriate. Hope you enjoy it.

Card by Making Memories
Patterned Paper by Basic Grey
3D embellishment by Rebecca Stowers
Ribbon by Michaels
Rub on by 7 Gypsies

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Princes & Frogs

Princes & Frogs
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This card is dedicated to my single girlfriends... Inside of the card it said, Frogs, Princes, I've kissed them all. So true, so true... I can only empathize, as once a single girl myself. There are days that you have good dates, and there are days, which are just like that stamp... you sit there and listen to them blab about whatever they want, and it's a very one-sided conversation. Luckily, that's not a problem anymore... thanks, honey!

This is one of my favorite stamps by InkyAntics... It's sassy, it has attitude, and it just said so much without it saying anything. Plus, I'm really into the thin line that they have, so that's what made it a great stamp for me. Wish they have more new stuff soon!

Short post, not a whole lot to report, hope everyone have a great day!

Card by SU
Stamp by Inkyantics

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Too cool

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**warning** commercial time

This is truly NOT a purposeful commercial, but trust me, by the time you're done reading, you'd feel like you got slammed into a commerical.

I don't know if you've played w/ the Build-a-brad set... but it's da bomb! You stamp something small, you have this see thru sticker, and you stick it on top of a brad, and it becomes whatever it is you want. How cool is that?! I know, I'm behind of the times.... but I ordered it as soon as I can.

Anyway, I got my catty and there are stuff I want, but since I have yet another friend signed up, I want to save it for her, and also wanted to see what Sale-a-bration has to offer. Frankly, this year's Sale-a-bration there wasn't anything screaming at me as a 'MUST HAVE', so I think my pocket book is safe for now.... but that said, hopefully they have better products coming out soon!

Ok, talk about this card, this is a very 'boyish' colored card for me. But the paper and the ribbon just sucked me in. It's a great match. So, even though the center is a small flower, you don't feel it. That's why it's da bomb! Alright, have to finish work... chat later.

All supplies by SU

Monday, January 14, 2008

A birdie told me...

A birdie told me...
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This is another one of my Stamp group project. I just like playing w/ the DPs, they're awesome. There are so much out there. Now, if clothes would work that way, that'd be awesome.

Seriously, I know Chester does some papers with MAMBI, but they also sell purses and totes. I've also seen kids wearing pants of the exact patterns. So, I know they are out there.

Now, sometimes I see clothes and I thought, that should be a patterned paper. Alas, it's easier said than done. Not that I'm complainin' as I have a whole collection of DPs that I love to look at and not touch... I'm sure there's a collector in all of us.

Anyway, this card is all SU again. I've actually made a boo boo... the inside said 'A birdie told me...' and then it should say, 'it's your birthday'. But, you know... I'd figure I can go for ironic. Like: hey, it's your bday, a little birdie told me. You think that'll fly? Hmm...

All supplies by SU

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Coaster Calendar

Coaster Calendar
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So... this is a very neat calendar that I made during stamp group/therapy time. I thought the tutorial was on SCS, but I can't find it. If anybody see it, I'd like to give credit where it's due.

Unfortunate for me, this stamp is in a hostess set, so I won't be able to use it again... but that's what I'm saying... it's cool to pay a flat fee and just use whatever stamps I want. But, downside is that I won't be able to use that again... maybe the next round.

Anyway, this is a neat calendar... and I like it for my desktop. It's made out of 2 coasters that are decorated with DP, and one side has the calendar. And the hole punch for the ribbon is punch thru w/ a Crop-a-dile. So, it's real easy to make.

That said, Martha Stewarts site has a very pretty calendar for download. It fits the size of a CD case, so should anybody is interested in doing one, that's the place to go.

Anyway, sorry for the short post, I have 2 calls and a meeting today, have to be organize.

Have a great day!

All supplies by SU

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hooray for stamp group

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Finally, I finally made it to the Stamp group and hang out with some ladies. I tell you, despite the fact that I'm the youngest in the group and asides from crafting I have very little relating to the group, they're all wonderful people and that's what made it fun. We all help each other out and we make changes to different projects and stuff. It was fun time to be had by all. That really makes the 45 mile drive worth it. I know, it's crazy I live in the 4th largest city in the country, and have to go to a suburb to attend a stamp group... how crazy is that?!

Anyway, the SU Demo is awesome, and I know there are plenty of demos out there, but seriously, she's so nice and gather herself a nice bunch of ladies that makes me come back time and over again. She got a new place and since she was the first one built out in the neighborhood, it was kinda scary at night that there's no houses or lights around. But, like I said, her and her crew really makes up for alot of the little things.

This is one of the projects I did. I love going to her because I pay $10, $15 include the new catty, and I get to use all her supplies and she has some sample projects to get our juice flowing. This is one of those... it's just so simple and elegant. No thrill but classy. I'm loving Ruby Red right now... it came out less 'in-your-face' and much more soothing than I remembered.

Have you check out the new SU catty yet? It is online. I must say there are alot of new stuff didn't inspire me like some of their older stuff, but I'm lovin' this Embrace Life set. Maybe its time to revisit the catty.

All supplies by SU

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


So sorry, no pics today, and didn't realize I haven't done anything to post since the 3rd. Gee, I am a slacker. Well, have no fear, I'm going to my stamp group tonight... I also call them my therapy group time. I'll make something post worthy and share. I promise.

In the meantime, been dedicating alot of time to this one project, no nothing big like a DT or anything like that... but have to keep underwraps because it involves some people who read this blog... so that's that.

TTFN, I will post something tomorrow. :)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Quick card...

I only had a 10-minute notice from Mom to make this for a friend of hers. All I was given was that the lady's favorite color is purple and she like butterflies. So, naturally purple butterflies is easy to do. But I just rolled the cardstock thru my nifty Cuttlebug and added the butterfly on it. Which is fine, just that I'd think I would've liked to add something more... just didn't have to time to dig up anything. I think I like the combo enough to remake it (I tend to not alot of times), so what shall I add? I've solicited the Stamping Critique ladies to help, but if you have any suggestions, I'm all ears.

Cardstock & Stamp by SU

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Snow Writer VS Liquid Applique

Happy 2008!!! Hopefully everyone had a great time ringing in the new year.

Now, I know the holidays are over, but I can't help myself but to go back and play with some stuff that I didn't get to this season. So, I decided to write a compare and contrast for Snow Writer & Liquid Applique.

I heard about Snow Writer from the HRR herself, Julie Ebersole on SCS. She was telling someone who is looking for something that makes a good snow. And she suggested Snow Writer. Out of curiosity, plus a gift card to Michael's & the product being on sale, I'd figured, what the hey.

So, this is the original image, and the Snow writer itself:

The Snow Writer has a fine tip, so it can go on detail images just fine. Aside from cardstocks, it is really designed to go on any type of surface (e.g. wood, glass, plastic). It goes on pudgy, but it hardens as it dries. Since it has a wee-tad of oil in the mixture, it sometimes comes out more consistant than others.

Once you've applied it, sat it aside. It will harden as it dries. This is what it looks like when it dries.

Then on to Liquid Applique. Frankly, I've had a tube about 10 years ago (yes I've been playing w/ it for that long). However, since I haven't played w/ it for years, it just wasn't cooperating. So, I bought a new tube instead. I remember I had a yellow tube because I believe I was trying to stamp Pooh and of course, he's yellow-looking. But, I digress. The point was, it's been around for a while, and making a strong come back.

So, here's the Liquid Applique and the original image:

As you can see, it goes on creamy. It does have a finer tip, and it can allows for finer images. Except you don't need to fill the images as you do w/ the Snow Writer. Because...

Once you heat it up...

It will turn puffy. And once it puffs up, it will hide any spot you miss, unless it's huge like the top of this cupcake. But you get the idea. Cream = Puff. Don't need to excessively add cream, because it doesn't 'puff extra' necessary.

Here's what they look like side by side. As you can see, the Liquid Applique is puffy and 'creamier' looking compare to the snow writer. But then, you're not afraid to squish the Snow Writer because it hardens.
Here's a close-up for the Applique:

Here's the close up for the Snow Writer:
As you can see, one comes out better consistent than the other. My thought is, if I were to use Snow Writer on smaller 'area' for snow, it will come out fine, as compare to Applique. Mainly because, I need to spare 'room' for the Applique to puff up. I've used Applique as snow on window and such, which was fun, but since my image was tiny, the snow kinda took away from the focal point instead of enhancing. So, maybe I'll give it another try. But, as falling snow, Snow Writer will do the job without the heat gun.
Image: by Hero Arts