Friday, December 28, 2007

To Flock or Not to Flock, that is the question...

Ok, this is really more of a product review for the Glue Pad vs. Zig 2 Way Glue Pen more than flocking.

But just want to let you know what started it all was because I was not able to put Fun Flock on my cards successfully, that that started me down this path. (For those of you who don't know what Fun Flock is, skip down, I'll explain.)

So, just for a test run. I had tried using the Glue Pad to flock, but to no avail. So, I decided to put glitter on it instead. By just glancing at the image (it's a tad out of focus ~ another story later), the left one is stamped w/ the Glue Pad and the right one is stamped with regular ink and then filled in w/ the Zig 2-way glue pen.

As you can see, the stamped image with the stamp pad is very light, compared to the image used the 2-way glue pen. Now, I will say, it's really a tad of unfair comparison because one is stamped w/ the ink pad and then sprinkled glitter on it. The other is stamped, filled w/ glue, then sprinkle glitter on. So, naturally, the area expose to glue is more on the latter than the former, BUT! I'm thinking, if you tell me your ink pad will glue things, I'm thinking that would be the case.

So, on to flocking... In case you haven't seen these before, apparently this craft phenomenon was from the 70s/80s (?), and now making a come back. It's great if you use flock to be the little bears body, or the bunny's tail. I'm just in love w/ the flocking idea. I think that was even solidified by my Flock & Foil kit. I just love the feeling of it, it's fun. So, naturally, you'd think, why not give it a try, right? Hmmm...

So, this is the original image:

Thought I'd give you some ground of comparsion, and you won't look at the following picture wondering, what the...

So, here: I was over zealous and thought, I can just flock the entire inked area and expose the nice swirl as the image has to offer:

Urm... not so much. As you can see, alot of the flock kinda lumped together. That's the draw back, you can dump as much as you want, and press, the unfortunate part is that if they're stuck, you don't quite want to remove any lumps because it may be attached to some more fuzz. So, by you removing it, it will create a small 'bald spot', if you will.

Here's where I decided to instead flocking the entire thing, just do the opening parts of the image. So, it's the negative of the above image:
As you can see it turns out much better. Less lumpy, and while you don't get a clear, precise image, since it's fuss, that's kinda expected.

So, what have we learned? Well, while Glue Pad, indeed does not require heating like Palette does, it also doesn't have that 'strong' bond as one might thing. I have read tips on this where if you stamp your image and wait for 10 mins and try to bond whatever you're trying to stick, it may work better. That theory will be tested tonight. What is not shown was a Happy Birthday that I stamped and flocked and it stuck ok. It's thinner flock, and definitely not as clear as the image. But, in theory, it worked.

Glue pad, as many had said, really needs to be juiced up frequently. It's not a biggie though, since you don't have to heat it. I've read somewhere that people had used the back of a plastic spoon and 'message' the pad and kinda get the ink re-surface. I have no idea if that's any truth to it, just one small teaspoon will last a good while.

Meanwhile, the Zig 2-way glue pen works better, (as mentioned before, unfair comparison) you're practically putting glue directly onto the image, thus create a better chance of getting the flock to stick. So, I recommend that way of putting flock to your project. I've also read people put Elmer glue as well. Whatever works for you. The other thing was some people had suggested using Sakura's Quickie Glue Pen, that's not as good, because the glue dispense is so little that you either have to work quick or somehow apply more than what it can dispense in order to glue your flock. But, if you're doing that I vote for the Zig because they do have different dispense tips available.

Hope you enjoyed my review. The DH 'fixed' my camera as one of my Xmas gift, the problem is all my setting I had previously is all wonked out. So, some of the pics aren't as clear as it should be. We'll get working on that.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Santa is here!

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Merry Christmas!!!

Wishing you and your family a happy and joyous holiday! Hopefully Santa got you what you wanted. If not, there's always next year.

As a crafter, if you tell people you want gift cards to craft stores, that's the most practical. That way, they don't have to guess and you don't have to look disappointed when you ask for one thing and they give you another. Hahaha... not that it'd ever happened to me.

I've got an Everyday Stack by DCWV, gift cards to Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Target. I love Target... I think those 3 places are one of those: I tell myself I only need one thing and $20+ later... what happened, type places.

Anyway, may you guys have a great one. Keep crafting!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Special dedication....

While both cards look seemingly similar, they mean greatly to me and the people they're going to. I know many crafters hate to make Sympathy cards. That's the last thing anybody wants to make. However, sadness is part of life, unfortunately. So, this is a mini dedication to them.

This card I made for my friend Dori, who was ever so anxious to find out recently that she's pregnant. They were sorta working on it, but not desparately or anything. They are just ready. As a matter of fact, they were going to tell the family about the news on Xmas day. However, Monday, when she went to the doctor, they can't find a heartbeat. That must be the most devastating thing one can get from the doctor. She was supposed to do something for me Sunday, and while she was trying to be responsible and tell me she can't make it, she also can't help herself and broke down. I received the news when I was at Target getting some Xmas stuff, and when she cried, I started to cry. I'm sure people at the store much thing something crazy is with me. So, I made that card for her.

This one is going to my friend Louise in Seattle. She lost her father last weekend. He had been sick for quite sometime, as a matter of fact they thought he wasn't going to make it till the end of the year when he found out he had cancer. During that time, his wife (my friend's mom) had left him for another guy. Her sister moved to another state, and alot of changes. Through it all, her dad put up a happy face and make sure to tell everyone that things will be ok. I really admire him for doing that. Because I know how my friend is distracted by his health, but he makes sure everyone keeps on going. As time gets near, she flew home to be by his side, and even then, he told her to go home. She did, and 36 hours later... well, you know. She had to turn around and go back.

My heart sank for both of them. Mainly because we are all the same age. Both scenario can easily be me that it happens to. I guess I've always think that nothing bad can happen to us, people our age, health. Not sure if some lesson is to be learned here, but for now, just grieving as they grief.

Cardstock by SU
Stamps by SU (Garden Silhouette, Warm Regards)
Ink by PearlEx Two Tone
*I tried to stamp the background to have some gold shimmering w/ the same image as the center image, but it looked too faint. However, when you stamp on the white CS it looks like the color the pad is supposed to be. :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Santa baby

Santa baby
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Well, 5 more shopping days left till THE day... I hope everyone had their shopping done.

I took yesterday off from work just to do that. I had gotten them wrapped and all sorts of good stuff....

This is another stamp from InkyAntics, I just love their sassy Xmas girl. So, cool! I wish I have the lyrics to Santa Baby song in a stamp or rub on, that way, I can stick them all over the place. =D

Anyway, have to go catch up on all the paper they put on my desk from yesterday...

Card, Ribbon, Rub-on by Making Memories
Stamp by Inky Antics
3D tree by K&Co.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Cat and snowman

Cat and snowman
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I finally got my order from All That Scrap. Lemme tell you, I love the C.C. Design stuff... I'm not much of the the little people or the bugs, but the Lucky set and the Reindeer are my fav.

I saw alot of bloggers out there have this set, and just can't resist and have to get it. It's nice little set... now I'm trying to do something w/ the little sleigh ride the little pup has. Too cool.

Anyway, this is also a sketch I started in CSD forum. The whole thing is basically like a sketch that you make a card base off on, but since it's all words, it's up to the individual's interpretation. So instead of the visual sketches you've seen, which you can already interpret it to what you will. This kind is really up to whatever you visualize in your reading. It also require some good following skills, because it does have to go in certain layers, but since it's not complicated, whatever you fudge, it's fine too.

Card by SU
Patterned paper by DCWV
Ribbon by Michael's
3D embellishment by Target
Stamp by CC Designs

Friday, December 14, 2007

My Flocking story...

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... So, as the story goes, I got my nice little Flock & Foil kit by Making Memories. Totally addicted to the easier way to flock than making a big mess everywhere w/ the Fun Flock.

You rub on a stickie image, then you flock over that with another sheet. As thrifty crafter goes, I save everything. So, I flocked my snowflake, and I thought, looks like I can get another use out of it. So, I saved it for another flock. And here's a tip from me to you... you know, you think you can reuse something... this is not one of them. If you'd used the flock once, don't re-use it. Because when you do, and you try to flock a new flake w/ a used flock-sheet, it will have the pattern from before onto the new adhesive area. Some, I must admit looked cool. But that was not the effect I was going for.

So, bottomline, don't reuse, just do it normal. Nonetheless, I enjoy the flocked part of the card, and it was fun to play with. And I realize now, Glue Pad is also your friend if you were to do Fun Flock. Just take my word for it. Other 'cost-saving' ways just too much work for something that is supposed to be nice a fun.

Anyway, another packed weekend for us, hope you have a good one!

Card by SU
Patterned paper by DCWV
3D embellishment by Soft Spoken
Flock by Making Memories

Thursday, December 13, 2007


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This was intended to be a Thanksgiving themed card, but since here in Houston we don't technically have Fall. This kinda became a regular Thank You card. Ah well.

I got the paper from a set by SEI. I like the set just not that color in particular. But it turned out ok though... I think.

Anyway, got tons to do, so have to hop back to work. Work had blocked Blogger for me, so I'm doing it via Flickr, which actually is much easier than me pasting picture from one to the other. The only prob. is that I can only post one pic at a time. So, we'll have to find a go-around way... *sigh*

Other updates: still waiting for my stamp order from All That Scrap, Inky Antics & Scrapbook Goddness... just itching to get the new stamps.

Patterned Paper by SEI
Rubon by Target
Pumpkin by Art Gone Wild
Tag by MM

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


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Sorry for being a slacker, but I was busy packing up, putting together the shelves and then unpacking. Sadly, even after we put the shelf together, I still need more space... that's just no good.

Took Monday off, since it's my mom's bday, we headed out to Outlet mall and just browsed. Well, we said browse, but I did a lot of damage. But that said, I am also done w/ Xmas shopping, so that's good!

Anyway, took a little break in between all that and made a couple of cards. All the new stamps are screaming at me to play w/ them. So, that's what I did. =D

This card, I've actually had the background pasted on the card for quite some time. I had wanted to use another Rubber Romance image on there. But the image itself is so big that it blocked off the cute pajamas on the background. Then, they released this girl w/ the puppy on their Esty shop, so guess what? That one went on there instead. It's simple, and clean.

Here's some enabler alert for you: Inky Antics is doing free shipping for the month of December. So, go get some cute girly stamps. Now I read on SCS that it does take a while for them to ship, so if you're in a hurry, this may not be the best option. But, hey who doesn't dig free shipping? ;-)

Next time I will post the embarrassing pictures of the craft area.... (maybe)

Card by DCWV
Patterned paper by Provo Craft
Stamp by Rubber Romance

Friday, December 7, 2007

Shopping gal

Can I just tell you all that I'm obessed w/ Rubber Romance? Well, I got this stamp a while back, but just now have time to play w/ it. I just love the shopping gal. She's so chic and wore that black mini nice and clean. I just LOVE her!
Well, as you can see, the left one is just the image colored in on top of patterned paper. Which btw, I love. The right one is more subdue, but shows off her shopping bags. I love the paper piecing technique. It's simple yet impressive. Definitely changes the way the image looks and feels. I was thinking about changing her dress and hat next. Pretty much the whole image would've been cut out by me and re-piece together.
Well, I'm prolly not going to do much cards for a week or two. Mainly because we got ourselves some bookshelves from Ikea, did I already tell you this? And I have to pack up my messy craft area and put up the shelves. It's going to be very interesting. Reason being, it's labor intensive. My hub has very short attention span. And I have alot of crap. I didn't even remember buying some of the stuff. I should do a before/after photo so you guys can see. But, I've already clear off one desk have another one to clean. Eeep! So, mean time, no playing for me.
Altho, timing is not very good in that I just got my Craft Secrets order, my other Rubber Romance order, and my cool witch from Terberco from Etsy. Not to tempt anybody but did you guys know that All that Scrap has a free shipping policy for any order over $10? I can't help myself and got the Little Bits Kits. Also, My Favorite Things raised their minimum order for free shipping to $40. Which is fine, I do that much damage each time I order anyhow. Otherwise, if you like Savvy stamps there is a 40% sale at Stampin' Treasures.
Ok, that's it. Hope that enabled you to buy some stamps to feed into this addictive habit hobby of ours. :)

Thursday, December 6, 2007


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Here's the thing about crafting... don't do it while you're half awake. If you do, then something like this will happen to you.

You see, while you're in the half awake state, you think: this is themed, they go together. HOwever, when you are awake, you realize, what the???

This is what I did for MFTSC06 on SCS, I thought they go together. But now that I'm conscience, I'm thinking they should be on 2 separate cards... maybe I'll forward it to Stamping Critique.

The other thing that's going on right now, is that DH wanted me to clean my craft area... and yes it does need cleaning. BUT!!! We got some bookcases from Ikea that will definitely make my life easier. So... guess I need to get my butt moving...

Cardstock by DCWV
Wavy patterned paper by Basic Grey
Coffee paper by DCWV
Coffee cup stamp by Crafty Secrets
Woman & Coffee by MFT

Monday, December 3, 2007

Winter Chill

Winter Chill
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This is to reflect the nice little cold front that made it thru Houston today. Trust me, the past 3 days has been in the 70s, it was mighty nice. I just love the 70s... makes me feel like I'm in Cali, and also make those brutal summers bearable. Frankly, as much as a 'cold front' we get, it's usually drop about 20 degrees. That's nothing coming from 80s & 70s. So, I cannot complain about cold, because it's nothing like up North. As a matter of fact, I know people will laugh at me for calling it 'cold' even. I do have my boots, my scraf, and my peacoat on. =D Fashion knows no weather, my friends.

Alright, quick and easy card for winter. I'm pretty much done w/ my Xmas/Holiday cards. I can't make any more... I've done so much that I'm practically giving them away. And I still have supplies to make more. In order not to temp myself, I've already packed up my Holiday stuff. It's stuffed up to the rim of the big paper boxes you get from work. So, those will be put up until Summer when I decided to A, start again, B, be brave enough to submit stuff for publication and stuff.

Right now, I have exciting news and a sad news. Exciting news, we went to Ikea and bought some awesome book cases, can't wait to get my craft area organized. However, that means I'll have to get my stuff packed up. Boo!!!

Sad news, my little camera finally said Auf Wiedersehen after many years of being a good camera it has been. I made some cards this weekend and was going to take some pics to share, but alas, it just went kaput. Very very sad. Maybe Santa will get me a camera, but not sure how I'm going to last thru the month with stuff to share... so, maybe I'll get it sooner? We'll see.

Card & Patterned paper by DCWV
3D embellishment by Soft Spoken
Rub on by Making Memories
Ribbon by Joann's Scrap Essentials