Friday, November 30, 2007

Sorry no card, :(

Man, I wish I have something to show you... but I don't...

excuse #1: it's year end at work, and it's kicking my butt. I had 4 conference call yesterday and by the time I got home, phbtttt, forget it.

excuse #2: still dealing w/ some fall out after one of the teams left... so not much mood for cards

excuse #3: I started to work on a card, and just haven't completed it... still need to make 4 more for a swap... so that needs to go first.

excuse #4: I think I'm coming down with something... great... now I have to be sick too? Dang!

Alright, I'll get working and get this whiny butt back to work and churn out some decent stuff to post here. :) Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

You, Light up my life...

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... you make me whole...

Alright, I'll stop singing... but this stamp always makes me think of that song, and mind you that's not from my era!

This is a card that I made a while back. I just like the simplicity of it. But now, I'm having doubts like, this might be too plain. Hmm... maybe I'll send it over to Stamping Critique and solicit some opinions.

Have I told you about Stamping Critique yet? Well, it's Heather's brainchild which I happen to agree. The philosophy behind that blog is that alot of times, we are so encouraging with each other that we are also very polite. I'm sure there are cards here you'll be like, that's great but it can be better by doing (this). Well, that's the point of Stamping Critique.

There are a few of us on there right now, what we do (I think it's brave) is post our work and give constructive feedback. Nothing like smashing people or anything, but how to help each other to make it better. I'm loving that idea because I posted one card on there that's is very blah to me, and the ladies helped brainstorm with all sorts of options to make it better. So, I'm anxious to sit down and play with the card again incorporating what the others had inputted. I'm totally psyched! You guys should go check it out!

Alright gotta go back to work. :)

Stamps by Impress Rubber Stamps
Patterned Paper by AMM Coutour

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ho Ho tree

Ho Ho tree
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This is a quick and simple scrap card. I got my little hands on the Making Memories Foil/Flock kit, and just having a blast playing w/ them. It's essentially stickie on the rub on and you rub either the foil or the flock on there. I have to say for the foil, it will stick to something else as you lay it down. So be careful. And for the flock you have to rub extra hard.

This paper I saw at Paper Source a while back... it's just too pretty. It reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright, but then I have no clue what to do after that... so, background it is....

In other news, Rubber Romance is now on Etsy. This is an awesome uptick because while I don't mind calling my order in, they are not around the phone like an office business would, and I'm not exactly keen on faxing my credit card info because I work in an office setting. This way, they can load up stuff and I can buy it online and pay via Paypal. I'm all about that.

If you're going to check them out, you go to Etsy and type Rubber Romance, and all their stuff will come up. I made a nice little dent today... bad bad!

In other news, Crafty Secrets rolled out some new sets. And in celebrations for those new sets they're doing free shipping for any order over $35. I'm soooo into that, because I love their stuff.

One last enabler news, Eclectic Paperie is having a Cool Yule sale. There's alot of Xmas stuff that you know you want but have been holding off. This is the time to buy!

For forth and shop!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Swish tree

swish tree
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Hope everyone had a good Turkey day. Ate too much then shop too much towards Xmas. I promised myself I'm not going to get caught up w/ the craze, but since the weather cool down right before the holiday, it really puts you in the mood... Darn that weather. I blame the weather... ;P

Anyway, this is a card I had done for a swap. Since I have to make like 12, I decided to go w/ a simpler design. It's quick, fast, and easy.

I love swaps, don't get me wrong, but I never understood why am I making 12 when one of them is me. I know what I make and never understood why I'm sending the host my own and then get it back. *scratching head*

I kinda love my other 3 swap groups. One is just send two cards to two people on the list. One is assigned partners (so that's one on one), then my own group is 3 for 3. You send 3 cards and get 3 cards back. None of the 12 cards marathon stuff.

My dislike about making so many cards is truly because that's not how I work. I tend to make everything one of a kind. I don't like making the same thing twice. I do get bored. So, I can't really do the assembly line thing where you cut all your paper in one sitting, stamp all your stuff in another and so on. I like to see a finish product and then move on. The other thing that I dislike is that most of the materials I have is one of a kind, so once I used whatever it is, it's gone, done, no more. So, to make 12 of the same thing using the same embellishment, it's really trying on the materials.

That's why when I made this card, it's simple and easy to do. I have the paper, the ribbon and stamps are easy to do. Call it the Lazy-Girls way, but it works! ^_^

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Day after Thanksgiving!

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Don't know if you were one of the brave souls out that that brave the crowds, the parking lots, and the lines to go shopping at the crack of dawn. I did hear on the radio that some people scored some pretty good deals. Like $500 for a top of the line Vaio. Geesh!

So, what did everyone do for Thanksgiving? I hope you guys had a good time and stuffed to the rim.

I went over to the in-laws and basically watched them eat, then headed off to meet a friend and my mom to this restaurant, Gravitas. At first we thought it was a prix fixe menu. But, turn out you get everything they listed in the menu. OMG... talk about stuffed.... we had crabcake, a salad course, a veggie course (that's cooked stuff), cornbread, sweet potato, meat course, and dessert. Yes, that's alot of food.... Like I said, we thought it's you get to choose one form 3 or 4 pre-set meals. No, they brought out everything... oy!

Anyway, this is a pie of how thankful I am of all the yummy food, and how stuff I am... hope you guys had a great time too!

Patterend Paper by DCWV
3D embellishment by Joann's Essentials

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Shower invites

Shower invites
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So this is what I've been busy with lately. I've made about 25 of these baby shower invites for a friend of mine. She's due in Feb and totally nonchalant about when her shower is going to be. We obviously didn't want to have her shower right around the holiday as that would be too much of a financial burden on the friends. And I also didn't want people cheating them of their Xmas pressies and just say they bought them stuff for the shower. (I know, silly.)

So, we pinned second weekend of Dec. Even then it's so hard to coordinate w/ everyone's calendars. Most of the friends are from the dancing circuit so trying to avoid competitions or other dance related event on the calendar is a chore to itself.

Anyway, we finally came to an agreement and I made the invites. Since we know it's a boy (gee, can't you tell?), I tried to use up my patterned cards from a box I bought a while ago. And since I just got my hot little hands on the MFT stamps... must... play... with... them...

Here's the final product! They all went out yesterday! Wohoo!

Anyway, wish you guys a Happy Turkey Day!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


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Who doesn't like Chocolate? Well, guess you wouldn't if you're allergic. I remember going to school there's this kid that told me he's allergic to chocolate. I feel both sad and shocked at the same time. How can you be allergic to one of the finer pleasures in life. Yes, I was in 7th grade and knew what 'finer pleasures in life' is. Haha.

Anyway, I remember being in utter shocked. How can you be deprived of something so wonderful and so nice, and makes you all fuzzy inside? That's just astounding that can happen to someone. Granted, he didn't miss it, nor do I think he faked it. But just sad that he cannot experience something so wonderful.

No, if I can eat chocolate and be as skinny as this chick is, then I wouldn't mind it one bit. Growing up, my mom exposed to truffles, now that's sinful all to itself too. Oy... You know what they say, start them while they're young. LOL.

Ok, this is one of my favorite Rubber Romance stamps. She's what I wish my body can be and still eat chocolate without feeling guilty. How nice is that? BTW, have I told you people how much I like my Prismacolor??? I never regret buying them... they are so nice on the color bit... YUM!

Cardstock: Bazzill
Patterned Paper: CTMH
Stamps by: Rubber Romance
3D sticker by: Jolee

Monday, November 19, 2007

Baby Card

Baby Card
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Gosh, I'm a total slacker. Actually, I'm not. There's some fire at work and then we went to Austin for a dancer's weekend. Where we dance from 8 till midnight, then from 1a to 5a. I didn't go to any of the 1 thru 5a. Some because it was so late. Some because it's a different side of town and I know I'll be falling asleep doing all that driving. That said, I didn't do anything... maybe I'll get to catch up on Thursday.

This is a Baby card I made for a friend back a while. But, I love it, so it's on here. The little Giraffe is from Borders. You remember for a while they started to sell these neat 3D embellishments, then they hooked up w/ Papyrus to sell theirs full time. Well, when they were trying to get rid of the old stuff, I ransack their bins and that's where he came from. :) I love sales!

Baby stamps (at Michael's)
giraffe from Borders
Fancy Pants flowers

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pay it forward...

I actually saw this at Jana's but she got it from Yvette.

1. Leave a comment here on my blog requesting to join in the pay it forward exchange.
2. The first three people to leave a comment agreeing to join in will recieve a handmade gift from me with in 365 days.
3. You pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.

I did sign up at Jana's and actually I've done one on LJ w/ some friends in Texas already. I've delivered 2 of my 3 people here. So, sign up, you never know what you'd gonna get. ;)

Xmas trees

Xmas trees
Originally uploaded by Patty_kins
This is another out of the ordinary color scheme for Xmas. I mean, who said that Xmas has to be red and green? Hallmark? The rest of the commercialized industry?

Well, I just like to go against the grain sometimes... Trust me, I have alot of Xmas cards that are the traditional Red and Green. I actually did this card for some contest earlier the season. I just really like the color combo.

So, the 2 pies I made for work turned out great. I did a Shoo Fly Pie for DH's work, and then I did a Chocolate Puddle pie for my work. Sadly, I looked at the ensemble' and my awesome puddle pie is no match to some cheesecake out there. I would cry foul and say that those people cheated, but alas, I know that is not true. They baked it at home. *sigh* You guys don't understand, I don't bake or cook much. (Like I have the time.) So, for me to actually bake not one but 2 pies, that's like a giant feat. That's more than alot of people that sits around me at the cube farm. Hee hee...

Patterned paper & Rub on by 3Bugs in a Rug
Stamp by Paper Salon tree
Bling by Hero Arts

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh La la

Oh La la
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This is an oldie but goodie. I got this set of paper from Target. I'm so excited that Target has more selection on paper crafts. Now, it's no Archivers but it helps that I'm doing normal errands and stop in to see what's on sell. I'm such a clearance fiend. If they have a red little sticker, I'm so there.

This was no exception. This is a K&CO. line that is call K. Marcella (sp?). I just love the combo. It's girlie, and cute and it's the Brown & Pink combo. OMG, I just cannot resist.

Tonight I need to bake a couple of pies for tomorrow's Thanksgiving Luncheon. One for me and one for DH's work. Right now, on taps are Shoo Fly Pie (no apple pan dowdy ~ if you know the song) & Chocolate Puddle Pie, which is more like a brownie inside the pie crust. Pretty awesome. Those are some of my finds this weekend when I went to the Nutcracker Market. YUM!

card by DCWV Spring Kit, papers & rubon by K Marcella

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thank you

Thank you
Originally uploaded by Patty_kins
Quick thank you cards are my fav. It's effortless and come together nicely. I actually have versions that are veritical, but thought I'd play w/ the horizontals too.

I'm just so drawn to brown lately. Doesn't matter what the opposing color is, it'll go w/ brown. If not, I'll make it.

Gosh, I've been so swamp w/ everything that haven't been able to sit down and really play and play w/ some sketches. This weekend we're going to Austin, that's going to be fun, it's a dancing weekend and the schedule is crazy. We dance from 8p till midnight, then 1a-5a. During the day we're sleeping or sightseeing, then we do it all over again. Of course, I'm going to hit some craft stores while I"m there. There's not any LSS around but there are Scrapbook stores around that has more than I can find around here. Hopefully have more time soon. So... need to take a breather.

Monday, November 12, 2007

CSD Sketch#3

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This is an attempt to do the sketch posted on CSD. The only thing is that I felt this is a tad bland. This is a card my mom asked me to make. And I find it difficult to make something very generic. This is for her friend's birthday, I don't know that person very well, so I think that made it even more difficult.

Usually, I know my friends, if they're goofy, serious, or diva. That I can do, but generic is hard. I mean, who knows, for all I know this person might hate green. And here's this green card. Oy.

Maybe I'm just thinking too much about this.

Well, as alot of people in the craftland and blogland are enjoying their 3 day weekend. I'm here at work toiling away. We don't get Columbus Day, Lincoln's Bday, barely got MLK day. We're lame like that. I mean, we have to work the day after Thanksgiving and the day before Christmas. You can forget about Day after Xmas and New Years Eve. *sigh* so sad.

Cardstock by SU
Patterned paper & adhesive cardstock by DCWV
Ribbon by SU
Stamp by Inkadinkado
Embellishment by Paper Source

Friday, November 9, 2007

Fa lalalala

Fa lalalala
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You know, every time I see or hear anything that is Fa la la, it always reminds me of The Christmas Story, where the family sat at the Chinese restaurant and they sang on top of their lungs, Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra. Just so funny.

Anyway, this is a scrap card, always what I think it's my lazy way of getting a card done fast. It's cute and shimmery. I love shimmer, not so much on my clothes, but love it on cards, which will evidently end up on my clothes. Go figure.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Patterned Paper by DCWV
Stickers by Jolee

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Shower Time v.2

Shower Time
Originally uploaded by Patty_kins
This is a prototype of a shower card I was playing around. It was a second draft because the first one I put some present at the bottom like a border and after I colored them in, I just hated it.

So, this is more what I had in mind. That it's raining baby-related presents. And in case you can't tell, it's going to be a boy, they've already named him Gavin. So, we know that Gavin is a soccer-kickin-son-of-a-gun. Which is ironic because the mother is a dancer, competitive West Coast & Western dancer. The father is a quite lawyer type. So, for a little boy kicking around in her tummy that's just funny.

Anyway, as I said this is a prototype, I ended up using the stamp but ended up w/ different card design because I had to mass produce it for the shower party. Which apparently we have over 40 people on the list. So, that's another time for me to show you those.

Stamps by MFT
Patterned Paper by SU

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Originally uploaded by Patty_kins
So this is the card I ended up giving the bride & groom to be at the couple's shower. It's also based on something else. While I was at Bed Bath & Beyond waiting for them to wrap the presents, I was browsing thru their cards selection. And one of them only has a tattoo just similar like this and instead of Eternity, it said Love on it. Just that on a white background, nothing else.

Well, I tried to duplicate it and then use the rub-on that came w/ this set and rub LOVE on it. Except that blonde that I am, sometimes, I misspelled it. Of course, immediately noticed it as soon as I was done rubbing it on the card. So, I just cut the card up and cut the 'tattooed' portion out and just pasted it on another piece of patterned paper from the set.

I actually liked it better this way, makes me feel less plain as the original card design was. And it just highlights the hearts and eternity. Mind you that I'm never much of a tattoo person, but this set was so well designed that I couldn't resist and bought the kit set. And I basically drew the line at the skull bit. That's just waaaaay out of my comfort zone there. Pretty drawings and color combo I can handle, the likeness of tattoo I can handle, but skulls... urm... no! The inside I just wrote: May you love last an eternity... like the tattoo. Thought that was cutesy.

That's ok since the shower was boring, we left as soon as the couple opened our present. I know that's a tad tacky, but to be honest, we did have a class to go teach, so that's our legit reason. But the couple had invited friends from all groups involve in their lives. Her church group of friends didn't want to mingle during the icebreaker game, which totally set off the mood for the rest of the afternoon. Ah well, such as life!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Wedding shower

Well, I made this card for a friend's shower and ended up going with another one (which I will post tomorrow). But I thought this card was interesting because it's a slider...

Ok, ok, I'll fess up, I actually saw a similar card at Bed, Bath & Beyond when I was getting the shower gift. I'm sure you're like me where you think: Ppsh, I can do it myself and better. Well, not sure about the better part, but yes I can do it.

It's pretty simple, and I may do a tutorial later, but this is a prototype for sure. Why I say that is because I would've done the skirt shorter so it only show the patterned paper instead of part of the back cardstock. And I may have done it w/ a lighter color cardstock instead of the dark one.

Anyway, so, here it is. You can see that I had punched a little tab for people to pull out. And they can write on the back of the pulled out card. :) Just a little somethin'.

Cardstock: Bazzill
Patterned Paper: CTMH
Stamp: Rubber Romance
3D embellishment: Sakura
Sticker: K&CO.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Happy Xmas -CSDSC02

Happy Xmas -CSDSC02
Originally uploaded by Patty_kins
So, I did this from a sketch challenge on Card Studio Designs. Go check them out: They do have an awesome forum, fun people, friendly and welcoming ladies. Sadly the forum hates me. No, no, not the people on the forum, the forum itself hates me. They have been having issues and what nots, which is understandable. When you get popular overnight, the traffic load is higher than the server is used to handling (as compare to SCS). So, I'm like, ok, I'll be patient little grasshopper. Then, I would go back and check, and it will hang. If I were to try to look into a topic, it will hang, try to respond, it will hang. Try to post something, oy to the vey, you can forget about it. Geesh. I finally gave up...

When I'm stress at work and trying to goof off and it's not letting me, instead of it adding more stress to my already stressed brain, I'd say forget it. I'll come back to it later. Which is sad, because they do have fun topics and silly games that take my mind off of things around my desk (say o' payroll or something). *sigh*

Anyway, this is a card I did for their sketch challenge. (Already told you that I know). I'd give you a link to what the other's have done, if I can get there... but, if not, you can try and check them out. Enjoy!

Card by CK
Patterned Paper by DCWV
Bear tag by K&CO.
Stamp by MSE

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thanks a latte

Thanks a latte
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You know, I just love this set. it's clean simple, and nice. Have you guys checked out MFT newest release yet? Their sentiment set fits within the word punch. I'm lovin' it!

I'm all about the piecing technique, it's so cool.

Ok, I know this is uber short, but gotta run.

Card and cardstocks by Stampin' Up
All stamps by My Favorite Things
Ribbon from scrap
Patterned paper by Autumn Leaves