Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sewing project...

I know this is a stamping blog, and I haven't have time to stamp... ironically I have time to sew. haha. No, not really. I have a very good reason to do it.

These past few years, I've been teaching craft and crochet at Sew Crafty here in Houston. I've actually have taught stamping classes there. I think that's a hit more for the kids than the grown ups. I think since there's more and more locals that does scrapbooking that they got their exposure to stamping than the kids do. I think that's ironic because I learned how to stamp when I was a kid. That's how my mom kept me busy for hours. Nothing fancy like they are now, but still got the idea....

Anyway, since the store was closing, we wanted to show our gratitude to our boss/owner - more like a friend, Sarah. She's so awesome that you want to drop your to-do list and make something cool for her.

So, each one of us did a block, and since I was the crazy one who wanted to do this quilt, I ended up sewing it together. Don't look too close because I know that there are alot of non-straight lines out there.... lol.
This is a block from witty front desk lady, Alex
This is a hand-embroidered block by Shawn, one of the sewing teachers.
This is a block by Melissa, our knitting teacher
This is the Sew Crafty Logo, center of our piece.
This is our group photo.
I did a crochet block.
This is a block from Alanna, our all powerful ops manager that keep tabs on everyone.
This is made by our other sewing teacher, Jenny.

I will miss those girls, every single one of them are awesome, smart, and talented, most of all they are all so kind, funny, and overall awesome. :)

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