Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kid's activity box

So, I know I've been slacking on posting cards. I do have cards done, just haven't taken photos of them and put them up online.

That said, the other day, my co-worker was just baffled at what to do w/ her 3 year old. They were looking at the craft camps and theatre camps and music camps. The main thing was that they want to line up things to keep the little girl busy whenever they have some down time.

I was inspired by the Bored No More Box , it was not different than the rainy day box that I've seen people sell, but this is cheaper.

What's inside?
This is alot of stuff, but to be honest, that didn't even fill up the box.
There are some fuzzy stuff, like pom pom of different sizes. The pipe cleaners.
There's lollipop stick people, googly eyes, feathers and foam stamps.
Washable markets, color pencils and crayons.
Scissors, glue sticks, Elmer glue, and foam stickers.

The idea is that she can create something, all they need to add is paper and imagination.

If you are doing a box of your own, here's a few tips:
1, look around at the clearence section, there's tons of stickers and stuff on sale for 50cents and the kids will get enjoyment out of it.
2, while Crayola is the brand of choice, I *heart* them, their stuff ain't cheap. RoseArt is just as competitive, and frankly the kids don't care what brand they are.
3, anything that moves or different texture helps (i.e. the fuzzy stuff)
4, these are good for independent activities as well as parent/kiddy activity, so it is not limited.
5, Decorate the box too. I used PermaColor to color the box, you can stick things on there and use markers to draw on them.

Sky is the limit.

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