Friday, August 29, 2008

Last link for the week...

I know, this whole week I have no pictures to share, that kinda sucked... but I'm back now, just need to load some pics and be ready to go. So, I promise, next week, I'll have pics to share again.

Today, I want to share this cool little stamp company called Splendid Little Company. The owner also called it Pink Poison. But if you check out their stamps, they're uber cute and chic. I'm so glad she decided to do an early release of her new stamps. I, however, is waiting on the cupcake stamps to be available. MUST. HAVE. It's just too darn cute not to have.

They also have a bunny set and a friends set that I've been eyeing on... so hopefully they're all here and I can buy buy buy! Oy!

I tell ya, I work my 8 so I can support my habits... Go check them out!

Have a good holiday weekend!

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