Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stamp store in Chi-town

So, I was slacking because trying to wrap things up and go home... but that is not before I have a stamp class at the LSS here in Chicago.

I go to my trustee place, Stamp On In ran by Rick & Terry. I love them because I had called to reserve a spot in the class and Terry totally remembers me. How cool is that?! And when I walked in, Rick remembered me by name. That's just customer service to the core!

Anyway, made some cards w/ the Cuttlebug new folders, that was totally neato. And if I see something I don't understand how it works, Rick would just pull out his set of toys and shared with me. That's just totally awesome.

If you're interested in buy supplies from them, they have a online site. It's called More Than Ink, very clever! They do fill orders very very quickly. So, I do recommend them to all.

Or if you happen to be in Chicago, it's a MUST STOP stamp shop.

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