Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How Paper Crafting help me in school (Tutorial included)

So, I am taking this one class for work. And every month we have to make presentation for the class and we must have a visual to accompany our speech. So, I did overhead slides, power points, and the very last one is a persuasive speech, so I decided to go out on a limb and do something different.

I was watching the Olympic ceremony and sitting in front of the TV making my Never Ending Card and working till Midnight.

So, here's the end result: My speech was about this fake company roll out some program we're passionate about. I'm not exactly a tree-hugging hippy, but the speech works for my style. The card definitely helped, because I got and extra 5 points out of my presentation. (Tutorial below)

Here's the tutorial for the Never Ending Card:

Need 2 pieces of paper, I'm using 4X4.
(It's hard to read, I know)

On both pieces of paper, mark one inch from both ends and you should get 2 inches in the middle.

Then flip it over and make a mark in the middle (so you should have 2 inches from both sides)

Then, we're ready to fold & cut. Fold the 1 inchers, and cut in the middle of the paper.

I marked A, B, C, D in the corners so you can see it:

Then you glue A to A corner, and B to B, C to C, and D to D.

Then, give all of the sides a good fold in:

Now, you can open and open and open and keep going like the energizer bunny.

In terms of stamping... the best thing to do is to stamp the front side of 2 pieces of paper, then after you've glued, then it'll make more sense to stamp the rest.

I have had one person keep it in the last position, like a cross. And have a postcard as the card's backing. And so you can lift the never-ending card from the postcard and it's easy to mail.

Hope you enjoy it, have fun, can't wait to see your creations!


Heather the Mooselover said...

Very cool! What a great idea to incorporate paper arts into your school project.

Linda said...

I got home today and found the most wonderful package full of blog candy---what a great surprise!! I feel like the luckiest person in the whole world. Can't wait to start using all of the stamps and paper.
Linda Peterson