Friday, May 1, 2009


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Sorry for abandoning the blog here... been so swamp IRL that I really didn't have anything good to say. And you know what mama said, if you ain't got nothing good to say, say nothing. So... there.

I remember the name Birdy was from Hope Floats, well, I'm sure there were other characters with that name too, but that's the most recent I remember hearing. I remember thinking or finding it hard to believe it stood for Bernice. I really like Bernice as a name, it's nice and friendly.

Anyway, I made this care to thank a board member for the dance club. She started to help us out when she's the chauffer for her kids who go to the club weekly. You know, there are sports mom, we have dance mom. So, instead of her sitting in the car, we invited her in. And when we were short handed, she always volunteers. In return, we let her kids get in for free.

Now that both of her kids who dance, are well grown, and are off to school and work, she still comes and help. We were all ready for her to give up her post, but she took such pride in it that it is really her baby. Plus, that's one less thing a 100% volunteered organization has to sweat about.

In return, I proposed to send a Thank You gift card, and I made a card to go with it. She laughs that it's like she's gifting herself, but it really isn't. We just wanted to thank her for doing all she does for us month after month. Thank you, Bertha!

Card by SU
Patterned Paper by American Craft
Stamp from Imaginasce

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