Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Star Trek-ish

Star Trek-ish
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So, back in the college days, the guy I was dating was a big time Sci-Fi guy. I think he was a tad short of getting a Storm Troopers uniform and call it a collectable. But, our week was mapped according to what kind of sci-fi TV shows there is. Red Dwarf, Star Trek Deep-Space Nine, Star Trek Voyager. I remember when we watched the shows there was no talking allowed when the show is on; only during commercials.

With the new Star Trek movie out, I can't help but reminisce a little. Not for the show itself (don't even ask me about some episode about some alien, they're all the same to me), but the silly characters they had. When my friend and I went to Vegas this last bout, we made sure we went to the Star Trek Experience. Get insulted by the Klingon, and ate at Qwartz's bar. I bought a Ferengi's t-shirt. That's about as geeked out on Star Trek as I can get.

I kinda wanted to see the new movie, but not because of this odd loyalty to the show, as much as the hot guys. Or rather, I should say, hawt guys! W00t!

Well, when it comes to spacey stamps, I immediately hope to the Cat's Pajama's stamps. The kitty and the space ship is so perfect, like a Spock or something... Just wish I can have a Resistance is Futile stamp to stamp something... that's applicable in so many situations.

Card by DCWV
Patterned Paper by AMuse
Stamps by Cat's Pajamas

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Heather the Mooselover said...

I dated someone who liked a certain TV show and I couldn't talk while it was on either.

Cute card!