Friday, May 8, 2009

You're sweet

You're sweet
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Man, everywhere I turn I see cupcakes... I Picked up this awsome cupcake stamp from Michael's for a doaller and I'm lovin' it! I wish more stamp are medallion style like that.

I also got a new DCWV paper stack ... well, not new-new per se, but new to me. Called Sweet Shoppe, how adorable is that?! Too cute.

Badda-bing, badda boom! done! 5 mins card, here you go.

This week has been stressy and tough. The event I was telling you guys about is about to be here in 2 weeks. That's not the fear of it all... the stress comes from all these inquiries, some aren't very nice. Some I just wish I can reach over via email either slap those people upside their heads or just shake them real hard and say: YO! This is a non-profit event. Remember the guy that died, the reason you still have a dance to learn from, the inspiration to many. Hello... he's the reason why you're doing this. Not some petty thing you think is the reason. Gah! My week thus far has been, Jerk Tuesday (aka waterworks Tuesday for me), Scammers Wednesday, then Scammer Remix Thurs added w/ a hint of jerk in there. That's been my week. Oh, and that's not even from my paying job. Geez.

When can I stamp again?
Patterned Paper: DCWV Sweet Shop
Flower stamp by SU
Cupcake stamp by Hampton


Heather the Mooselover said...

Nice card. I admire how you can mix and match patterns so well.

Heather the Mooselover said...

I'm too lazy to send you an e-mail but you are on my new blog roll. Actually there are about 12 people who will automatically get added even if they didn't comment - and you are one of them so have no fear!

Sandie C said...

This looks great - love this layout. TFS