Monday, October 8, 2007


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Hi everybody! *waves*

I've been slacking off, and I know it. NYC was great... I tell ya, if I can move anywhere, well.... actually I wouldn't want to move there. But if I had, I think I would dedicate one weekend per neighborhood and still not be done w/ the city. The place is huge, and you can walk and walk and walk... I swear my feet are about to fall off from all the walking I did.

I did ended up going to a LSS, it's called The Ink Pad. It's down at the LWS, and the owner is very very nice. I just randomly tell her that I'm from Houston, and she's started to talk about places she's been near here, and ask about the stores here (which there are none to speak of, really). And we talked about companies we liked. Then a customer came in wanting to have stamp for her business cards, and she started to ask me for my opinion. Very kind of her, and asking me to help brainstorm for this person. Which ended up making a sell of $50 for her. I mean, literally the girl came in just wanted to buy one stamp. She left w/ stamps, ink pad, embossing powder and a heat gun. So, that was cool.

I, myself, was not so lucky, I basically did twice that at the store. They have alot of stuff I haven't seen before. Or companies I've forgotten. Don't get me wrong, I love my Amuse, my Stampendous, and Hero Arts, but there are alot of smaller stamp companies that doen't have the exposure like they do. But produced some awesome stamps too. So I got my shopping shoes on and bought a few things... Let's just say, so much so that they threw in bonus gifts (yes, that was plural).

Anyway, tons of fun, definitely recommend it. I mean, this is a real stamp store, not a scrap store that happens to sell stamps. Trust me, I was giddy.

Ok, back to earth now...

This card, is the other half of the die cut I used in the previous post. The paisley is from a friend, so don't quite have a company attached to it. But, it's a fun little fall card. I just wish we have the weather to match. At NYC the weather was in the upper 70s, and in Houston the weather is close to 80s. I thought this is fall.

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