Monday, October 29, 2007

Playing Snowman

Playing Snowman
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Sorry guys, been a slacker again. Hee hee...

Well, actually, I'm working on 25 baby shower invite, so I'm a tad tied up. I've been wanting to throw a party, and asked my friend who's preggers if she wants a baby shower. She took me up on it, and now I'm working on the shower invite. I'm not going to get fancy w/ the food and stuff where I've seen some talented ladies would so the name frames or put a cute little cupcake tag for the cupcakes. I am taking it upon myself to do the games, but it'll be simple. Like guess the jellybean stuff or anagrams.

The main thing about doing invite is that I do get bored after one design. That's why I don't mass produce Xmas cards. I don't have the patient for it and I do get bored easily. One year, I remember I would stamp and emboss all the images one day, then color the week later, then add embellishment a week later. I get bored doing it that way. Guess I just like the creativity of the process rather than the product. Plus, some of the cards I like, I use up the supplies and make mass producing hard to do.

That said, I do alot of scrap cards if I need mass quantity in a short time and still create. It's fast and definitely cute. Alot of cute stuff aren't available on stamps so this is a pretty good solution.

So, this is Mr. Snowman goofing off. You wouldn't believe that most of the supplies here, I got from last Xmas clearance from various stores. I'd say some of the stuff I got for like 50 cents, and some for a dollar. But either way, this card doesn't cost as much as it could've been. I just love a bargain, what can I say. ;)

Card and patterned paper by DCWV
Snowman by Jolee
3D embellishemnt by Soft Spoken
Snow sticker by CK

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Heather said...

So cute! I just love the snowman sliding down the hill.
*alcesalces waving hello*