Wednesday, October 24, 2007


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Alright, alright, I know you guys must be anxious to know who won... I will post the winner after 6p CST. It's all at home, and we do have one clear winner... I promise!

This is one of the cards I made during my mini hiatus. I swear I love this stamp soooo much. She's adorable and the puppy is too. No matter what, you look at them and you think: Winter. No doubt. I really need to use her more often, but there's so many Xmas stamps out there, so hard to choose...

Speaking of, I need to use my scallop punches more often too. Every since my Xmas box o' craft exploseded in my craft area, totally covered up the punches and not until I was shuffling stuff around that I see the box o' punches.... duh on me. I love it though, I can punch and punch all day. Everything frames better when they're in scallops, I swear.

Well, there's no bosses today thru Friday... so you know you what they say, Cats away, Mice come out to play. I have to say that I've gotten alot done and since I have a 200 pgs report, it's good to have some piece and quiet. Now if I can just get the IT guy out of my dept, he's not doing squat, I can do his job better than he can. That's just wrong in so many levels. Oy!

Patterned Paper by Reminisce
Stamp by Hampton Mara Mi
Ribbon by Joann's
Card by DCWV
Blue mulberry paper by Target

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Estivalia said...

that is so cute, and so retro too! (i don't know, the stamp and the paper look retro to me :P)