Monday, October 22, 2007

Xmas tree

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So, for those of you reading about the water situation... that was resolved at 2pm on Friday... which was over 7 hours of their estimate. The city suck! I hate them.

Good thing, I was ingenius and got a shower and went to work. Otherwise, no one was here to hold down the fort. Ok, it wasn't that dier, but I was the only licensed management and yes I needed to be here.

Anyway, busy weekend this past weekend, won't bore you w/ the details, hopefully, I'll have pics or vid to share (when my hub and friends will upload their stuff). We had a big dance, did a little performance, but will see if I can dug up any vid.

That said, here's a quickie card. I've been dying to use the stamps. This is my couple picking tree. I love the romantic factor of the card. I'm thinking that I want to go back and add some snow on the top of the trees.

However, I'm quite impressed w/ the snowflakes, that's from the Making Memories Flock & Foil kit. That's pretty neat.

Don't forget to scroll down to a couple of posts for some goodies I'm giving away. Deadline is Wednesday.

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