Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Michelle or Krista, please stop reading this post!

So, my friend, Jaime started this game, where the first 3 people respond back to her, she'll give us something groovy and handmade. So, I signed up on hers. The caveat is that in return, we need to do that in ours too. So, I did, and Michelle, Krista and Becky B signed up. So, I have worked on theirs already. (We have 365 days to make whatever it is we're giving.) I think Jaime was just buying time... haha... but it's ok, because we're all so busy.

So, this is the first one. It's just a clipboard, and all the paper is from this free pack I got from CTMH. I enjoyed just doing stuff like that, making it pretty. I'm thinking of adding ribbons on the top, but was waiting for glue to dry when I was taking the pic. So, no ribbon to show off, but I think it came out pretty nicely.

That said, naturally, I'll put some cards along w/ my pack, I think I'll throw in something else, but since I know Michelle read here, I'm not going to say, keep some things a mystery. ;P

I highly encourage everybody do that w/ their girlfriends, its a real fun to see what other 'crafters' comes up with. For instance, one of the girls does jewlery, one does cross stitch. So, it'll be neat to see. :)

All paper by CTMH

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