Thursday, March 26, 2009


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Sorry for not blogging more often. Work started to clamp down on more and more sites. Which makes this very difficult. If I'm not looking for pictures that would've been easier but since all that I'm look at and for are pictures of other people's cards, it is making my life very miserable.

That said, hubby had got me an iPhone to get around it. But that little poor thing is being overworked and than some. I sit up on the 37th floor so reception is not that great to begin with, 3G or not. So, it makes the dial-up speed pale by comparison.

Anyway, this card is too darn cute. I love this set, but you know, my syndrome of a sick stamper is that I will get the set and nothing as vibrant or colorful will come to my mind. Only when I'm playing w/ someone else's set that I actually get attracted to those colors and combos. How strange is that?

Maybe I need to go play at someone else's more often to get inspired. Anybody want a visitor? haha.

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Sandie C said...

Pretty card - love those colours together.