Thursday, March 19, 2009

Easter Wish

Easter Wish
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So, I was at my Stamp Club w/ my group, I really like this group of ladies, everyone is so friendly and nice. The only beef I have is that they all live so far away. Or, rather I live so far away from them. I clocked it, it was 44 miles from her house to mine. OMG! I spent more time sitting in traffic than stamping. Hmm...

Well, this is one of the cards I made at the group. It's quick neat and simple. I mainly love the fat ribbon. I never thought much of using them becuase let's face it. It takes up alot of room.

But in this card, it just worked for whatever reason. And I'm lovin' it! Most importantly, I was loving the little binder clip... it's just too cute and awesome!!!! MUST. HAVE!

All supplies by SU

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Sandie C said...

Love the look of this pretty card.