Friday, March 6, 2009

have some

have some
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Sooooo.... it's yet another week... I know I haven't been around the blogland much, but still try to make it at lease Mon, Wed, Fri.

There's nothing new except all these awesome stamps out there, and I don't have enough time for them all. Of course, our firm just announced that we have to do 2 weeks mandatory vacation, so I may take advantage of that and get some stamping time in there. W00t!

That said, having too much stamps... I just saw that is having a craft & sewing sale. I didn't even know that they have overstock on craft stuff on that site. But, heck, if it is cheaper, I'm all for it! Check it out:

Card by SU
Rubon by TLC
Button by SEI
Stamp by TGF
3D embellishment by Jolee

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