Monday, January 25, 2010

Birdie twee

Birdie twee
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I saw this on someone's blog to do a very plain and simple DTP stamping. I thought, man, how far we've gone from just doing that?! I remember when I first started stamping (I mean as an adult) I would stamp all my Pooh Alphabets together and just make it spell something. Then, as I grew in stamping, I learn more and more techniques. The advent of internet really helped keep me challenged and learn from other people. And all the while we gotten more embellishments, more this and more that, we often forget the most basic thing. Just stamp on the card!

So, I'm kinda proud of the clean-ness and the highlight the technique had done for this design. I mean, how often do you see that anymore? Don't get me wrong, I still like my bling, my paper and my punches, but I do miss this technique. And as simplistic as it maybe, it's actually not as easy to achieve as everyone thinks. You do have to fill the space some and you do have to line things up just so. I'm just happy w/ the clean and tidy look it has, and still manage to convey the lovey dovey message.

Stamps by TCP

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Allison said...

So sweet that my teeth hurt! Love the single-layer!