Friday, January 22, 2010


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This is my 2nd card for my swap. They did say that the card can be adult themed, so here it is. I guess, I wouldnt' exactly say it's not kids-appropriate, but it's better suited for adult, I'll admit.

Anyway, I did painstakingly put on the little holes one-by-one. I hope whoever gets this would like it. For a while, I was thinking that they remind me of the lights at a dressing room mirror where there's lightbulb all around it.

I like the 'xoxo' thing too, everytimes I see it, I wanted to say 'you know you love me, Gossip Girl'. ha! silly I know. Obviously I've watched the show too much to get that natural reaction. Oy!

Well, work is swamped and things are happening left and right, so better go back to it. :)

Card & 3D embellishment by Target
Frame Stamp by MFT
Lady stamp by Paper Salon
Bling by Paper Studio

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Allison said...

Lots of pretty details on this one! I think my husband would like that stamp!