Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year Cheers

New Year Cheers
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Slacker, I know... this is the 5th day of the new year, how does it feel? I bet you're like me, still writing 09 at the end of checks and things you sign. Yep... I kept having to do cross out because I can't get used to writing 10 yet. Not to metion the past decade, all the years ends with zero-something, now I have to insert one in front it'll take some gettin' used to.

Can you beieve this crazy cold blast? It's going to get down to 20s in Houston. Houston... the place that gets 100 in the summer. Talk about a big gap.

Well, in case you can't tell, I got a new camera... it's a spiffy Hello Kitty camera, yep, and it's lightyears newer than the one I had. Of course, when I had my old one, that was 'top of the line' and now, I'm going for form rather than function... it's Hello Kitty and that's that.

Ok, now to the card... this sure worked out better in my head than in actuality, and not to mention, the new camera definitely can highlight the flaws. Yikes! But, the thought was to have the people's silhouette be covering the words, a la Savvy Stamps style... It doesn't turn out too bad, but now up close, you sure can tell the ink pad is not doing as good of a job as I first thought.... hmm...Oh well. *shrug*

Card & patterned paper by DCWV
Celebrate stamp by SU
Cheers stamp by A Muse

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Allison said...

I think your idea totally works esp. with the clean BG! I am thinking I need to get a new black and chocolate ink pad myself...images are just not as dark as they used to be!