Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Puppy Love

Puppy Love
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This is one of two cards I'm doing for a swap. I've signed up on Swap Bot, and you can swap whatever handmade. If you're a knitter or a crocheter, you can swap something, if you're a quilter you can swap something, and if you're a stamper, you can swap something.

I've got alot of swap group experience, and I like Swap Bot because you are not burdening one person to manage the swap. If you want to start a swap you can, and people can sign up if they like. It's not overwhelming to one person to always come up with themes, and keep track to make sure the participants were honest in sending their part.

The beauty of using the Swap Bot is that they have ratings like eBay does. If this person followed instructions and did what they signed up to do, you can give them a good feedback. If they didn't do their parts, you can note that on there as well.

The weird thing, I thought, was that when you sign up for a swap, they do ask that you have certain numbers of rating before you can participate. That is good and bad. Good because you know you'll have reliable people to attend the swap. The bad to this would be that if you're new, like I was, then you have nowhere to start.

Either way, I'm enjoying it... would let you know if I see any interesting swaps coming up. :)

Card by SU
Background stamp by Amuse
Heart stamp by Hero Arts
Puppy stamp by TCP
Brad by Target

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