Wednesday, February 10, 2010


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I think I've done a card like this before, but this is one of the cards I did for my Card Class. I think it's simple and showcase the clams easily.

The other day I was at Michael to look for more cards like the ones I used here. It drove me crazy that they are selling 50 for $30. While I understand in reality, that works out to be 60 cents per card, I was able to pick up a box EXACTLY like this once upon a time at Hobby Lobby for $10 less. That makes a huge difference when it comes to crafting.

You know there's a big overhead cost and you know that whatever you see now might be $5 today, in couple of weeks you also know that it will go on sale. So, why would you want to spend that $30 when in exchange, you can get alot more out of that exact $30? I know, that's the cheap crafting logic for you there, but trust me, no one wants to get ripped off when it comes to finding a bargain. And no matter how much satisfaction you have out of making your cards. You know, you're giving that away, so how much money you want to save, especially in this type of economic environment.

I know I'm on my soap box again, but true is true. That leads to buying new products. I know it's the job of each of the companies to invent/create new products on a regular basis. That's how they stay afloat, but is it such a big deal to have new stamps or new gadget or new whatever, when they get rolled out? Is it necessary to have a Big Shot & a Cuttlebug & a Revolution, when they all perform the same task? I applaud the ladies at Splitcoast who are creative, inventive and willing to share their secrets so that we don't have to go buy all these things and make each brand of gadget works together for everyone's sake. Super crazy!

Anyway, off the soapbox now... I'm just miffed because all these new stamps and I can't a, afford to buy them all; b, don't have time to ink them, and c, don't have time to play. Bitter table for one.

Card by DCWV
Stamps by Savvy Stamps
Ribbon by American Craft

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Heather the MooseLover said...

I'm with you on paying retail- I try to wait for a sale or coupon.

Cute card ;)