Friday, February 5, 2010

Not a stalker

Not a stalker
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I just love this card... it's so funny. Don't know if you can see the stamp itself. And you can get a closer look here.
But it list 'how much I like you' from the bottom:
I'm Over You
You don't annoy me
like a friend
like a brother (hey where's the sistahs?)
like like you
alot but not like a stalker (hee hee)
more than just friends
I want to marry you
I'd marry you again

I think it's cute that the top few were lovey dovey, but I just love the 'like-like you', and the 'alot but not like a stalker'. That's just too true.

I was thinking... why are diamonds all of a sudden being billed and advertised as the romantic gift perfect for Valentine's Day? Frankly, I'd like accepting diamonds any day. I don't care what day it is, it may or may not be a romantic occasion, but I'd take it any day. Doesn't have to be Valentine's Day or You're-being-a-good-spouse day, ANY DAY!!! I think the marketing people miss a spot there...

Anyway, cute love-o-meter... I just love corny stuff like that... I also love the ones that spins... it just gives the cards more dimensions.

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