Thursday, February 18, 2010


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Whew! Work, work, work... holy cheese and mole'....

I wish I have some time to sit down at a cafe' and enjoy some joe. Or even a cup of tea. Watch the world rush by as you ponder about whatever and daydream about whatever...

Snap, snap! Wake up! No Calgon taking you away just yet.

Anyway, this card is one of the 'new' stamps I've gotten but no time to ink. I finally saw it and thought, gosh, I wish I was her. Sitting down w/ a cup of joe and just hang... *sigh*...

As it may be, no joe for me, but I love her dress, and I reused a card that came w/ an online order to be her background. I find myself doing that more and more... anything that can be reused I'll keep. That makes it very hard to live with, when I became such a hoarder.

Anyhoo... it's on a card, and hopefully more will be there. Just need to find the time. Oy!

Card by Stencil Collection
Stamp by MFT

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Heather the MooseLover said...

I really like this- good colors and a perfect example of clean and simple.