Monday, February 22, 2010

drinking w/ frog

drinking w/ frog
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You know, I did this easy cards for a class that are aimed for very very beginners. Just simple, stamp, color, and stick. No frills. It's meant to be easy peasy so that everyone can do it.

I, myself, just love the girl. She just have this 'oh great', expression on her face. It's just fantastic. Not like she's bored, more like she's sighing that Prince Charming is not waltzing in tonight.

I also had a little fun w/ her top. I'm very much into subtle sequence in real life. So, I'm dying to make clothes stand out in some way. Hence the little lines you see on her. It's glitter if you can magnify it. Hey, a girl can always use some bling, right?

Cards by DCWV
Stamps by InkyAntics

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