Monday, July 16, 2007

Simple cards

I love it when cards are simple to make but doesn't look that way to people and they get all impressed by you. I just love it. Sometimes, my muse bless me with color combo and layout ideas and it all comes together in a snap. This is pretty simple and no frill, so I'm totally ok w/ that. =D

I'm loving this piece from One Hour Craft about needed some kick from the behind to get your creative juices flowing. I think some of points are pretty direct, but there's definitely some points I've never thought of before. Like getting a good night's sleep, making yourself take a time out, avoid caffeine or plain give up and move on. I know there are times that I get so obsessed with a project that just want it to be perfect. But, it's nice to give yourself permission to not have a perfect project and enjoy the process too.

All by Stampin' Up
Ink by Paper Salon

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Tanis said...

Here here! And don't give up on being published (I was just reading about you on Caardvards...)
It takes patience, research, and try try and try again persistence. It seems the competition is growing. Just keep at it! And good luck!
(BTW, I love simple and cute!)