Thursday, July 5, 2007

Was reading Amy's post about being rejected by publications. That's a tricky thing... you really have to submit the right thing at the right time for the right person to see in order to get published. Even then, I was talking to my friend Pamela that certain pubs if they don't know you or haven't heard your name before, you have to work twice as hard to come up with something extraordinary to get in.

That just stinks.
Because there are so many publications out there that would publish anything, but not something great. For instance, I will never forget this and also what drives me to constantly submit for pubs. This one issue, they published this pre-printed card by DCWV, and the sender tied a piece of floss with a charm on it, and it got published. I was sooooo mad. I mean, c'mon. Who can't tied a damn floss w/ a thing dangling in front of a pre-printed card. To me, that shows very little artistic talents. I mean, I see how many talented ladies that are hard at work, and a lot truely have a gift, and they don't get published but someone ties a floss gets published. That's just retarded to me.
That said, I'm not about to give up on my submission. You do have to know what they're looking for, i.e. current and new product used, the newest and what will be the hottest six months from today. So, you have to constantly stay ahead of the curve. If you submit stuff to say, JoAnn's, best not to use product from Michael's or Hobby Lobby's exculsive products. That wouldn't make much sense to tell the reader to go to a competitor to buy the products you used. Another thing, I've been told by several people now, is that they have works sent in years ago, and thought the publishers didn't like it. But then, all of a sudden, get an email saying that their cards will be published, so that can definitely happen.
To all who are trying to get publish, myself included, keep up the good work and don't give up. Show them what you got!
This card was made with ~
Card by DCWV (a mix box of pre-printed cards)
Stamps: Flower by Stampin' Up, Thank You stamp by Hampton Arts

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