Friday, July 27, 2007

Well, I was soooo excited to show you the explosion box that I had made for my boss, who's birthday is Monday (but I won't be here). But something is wrong w/ my card reader and it didn't want to load anything this morning... If that's the indication of how my tech day will go, it will not be pretty.

Instead, I'm going to tell you how excited I am to go to Chicago for work. Since we don't have any LSS here (I know, 4th largest city in the country, we don't have any stamp stores here), I'm looking forward to visiting others. This weekend is the Warehouse Sale for Paper Source. If you want nice cardstock, I mean for weddings and what nots, that's the place to go. Plus, they have their own lines of stamps, so I'm hoping to find an Indian Paisley that I've seen but have not found. (I know they are a chain, but since I don't have one near me, thought I thow it out there that the sale is this weekend.

The other one that I always make a point to stop in is Stamp On In.

This is a store that is ran by 2 guys, and I don't know any 2 guys that cares for their clients so much. If you take classes with them, they bake you cookies and provide refreshments. Sometimes they order dinner for you too. Since they're right there at Chi-town, where CHA just happened, they're happy to share what goodies they find and let you flip thru their wholesale catalog which you don't get to see often. They carry a little bit of every thing to cater to all tastes. Too bad I am not there long enough to take a class, but I love those guys. They also have an online store call More Than Ink, so if you want to buy something they are a tad cheaper than the store itself.

I know there's Stampology and Windy City Scrap, but since I'm relying on public transportations, I don't get to go far. Hopefully I'll go back one day and go visit.

I'll post something good later, promise!

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