Friday, June 13, 2008


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Oy, this morning turned out very very lousy. Got my car towed, got hung up on by some very rude lady, had to tell 2 employees they're violating rules and have to pay back. Talk about things hitting the fan.

I really wish I had stayed in bed or stayed home to stamp, especially when I got some new MFT stamps that are begging to be inked.

Anyway, on to the card! This is a card I made for work's volunteer thing, where we make cards for hosptial patients. Well, I hope that we can make someone happy... :)

Stamps by Amy Butler

p.s. I'm going on Blog-Vacay next week, to Viva Las Vegas. Woo! I'm definitely going to stop by Viva Las Vegas Stamps for their rubber buffet. So, will blog that for sure. Otherwise, no cards for the week.

Please check back for some pics! :)

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