Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaaaaack...

Well, let me tell you, 4 days in the dessert (read: Las Vegas) I'm ready to come home. While home is not cooler than the dessert and as a matter of fact the humidity can suck out the will to live. I'm glad to be home. You never realize how much you miss this stew kind of weather until your hand is always crack from being in the dry dessert and no matter how much lotion you put on, it's still bad.

Anyway, have a little braggin' to do... I went to Viva Las Vegas Stamp. Our trick is to take the Monorail and ride it to the end, then take a cab there. It worked out well, because you can always get a cab from a hotel. However, coming back wasn't so much. You call for a cab and it takes them 30 mins to get there. Guess, if you're off strip or not near a hotel they don't want to do your business. And ironically there's actually no cabs on the road outside of the touristy area. Go figure.

Anyway, this store, you walk it, it is stuffy because there's alot crammed into a tiny space, and the a/c is not cranking hard, which I can understand in Vegas. But, we're spoiled. The owner has 3 cats and 2 dogs, and his office cannot find a piece of paper around there, it's cluttered. Luckily, the stamp display isn't. You know someone had maticulously lined up the stamps nice and neat. They mostly sell their own stamps, some of them are funny, some of them you know no one would want unless is for some very very particular occasions. What they're known for is the clever sayings. So, I got alot of those. I mean, everything is alphabetized, and talk about got tons to go thru. Just to read thru them and try to find the messages is hard. But, if you need something smart-allic, you can find it there.

Here's couple of pics from the cashier's stand point (the place shapes like an L):

And here's a card I made with my new found stamps. DH just recently started to get into Hockey, and there's not a lot of Hockey stamps out there. So, here's one I made for him. :) Plus, he has Shingles and is being quarentined outside of the bedroom, so here's a constellation prize. :P

Have a cool day!

All stamps from Viva Las Vegas Stamps

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