Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pocket Shrines...

Well, small note from the last post about the Iris Folding. Jennie had mentioned that it looks great, but also look like it's a lot of work. I think the templates and diagrams scare people off more often than not. My take on that really, is that we all get scrap paper from our projects, alot of times, you sit there and think: I hate to throw that out, but what card can I put that on? (Yes, paper crafters are pack-rats in denial, haha) :P What you can start out w/ the simple, with the squares or the circle by using your scrap that's too small to do anything else with, but pretty enough you don't want to throw away. And you just make whatever project you want.

The dress, for instance, was really a stamp, and then we just do the Iris fold on the back. It is really no different than the paper piecing technique, just a few more strips involve, is all. :) So, I encourage you all to give that a shot.

Ok... today's project:
During my Blogaversary Feedback post, several of you had mentioned you'd like to see some altered things. I did an altered Alpha for my MIL, but didn't get a pic before it's at her house. So, if I stop by, I'll take a pic to show off.

In the meantime, I used to do these tins and want to share. If you're interested in doing altered tins, there are couple of the scrapbook stores that sell materials specifically for the tins size. I found some cool stuff here and here

(Now, I do want to apologize for the crappy shots, I wasn't real good w/ the camera then)

Have a good day!

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