Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pink Aloha

Pink Aloha
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OMG, did you guys see the MFT's release??? They're sooo cool. I love their artwork... just to die for. What else that added to the excitement was the Release Party on SCS... OMG, there were like 153 people on that thread, and by the time you go get a drink of water the ladies answers each other and it's already another page.

I think the entire thread was like 50 pages long, and I can only keep up to pg. 41 last night and went beddy bye. Man... talk about going strong.

What else was that the release was officially at 10:30p last night, and I kept hitting refresh and nothing comes up. Or, the link was broken, or we overwhelmed the server. I'm a tad sad, because I was trying to be the first 50 people, I missed the Cupcake set. Boo!!! Oh, well, the next round.

So, let's talk about card...

I saw this paper pad that I got from Michael's, and it's supposed to be more abstract, but the flower page (which is behind the Aloha girl), I just decided that the entire page of that would be over-powering, so I matched it w/ the adjacent page that was in the pad. It's cool... I like it.... :)

That said, I myself would like to be on a trip to Hawaii, alas, I have no such luck. But instead, I'm going to Vegas... so counting down 10 days. W00t!

Card by DCWV
Patterned Paper by MAMBI
Stamps by Stampendous

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Heather said...

Have fun in Vegas! I used to live in Reno.

I like the non-traditional colors on the card. I think using the more muted colors pops the hula dancer image.