Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Friends thru window

Friends thru window
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You know, I was cleaning and found these window cards. Totally forgotten that I've got these. I had started making this card for the Splendid Olympics, but didn't have time to get it colored before submitting. Oh well, so here it is... couple weeks later. Finally posting this.

The other one, if you dig back, it has 3 bunnies on there. But, this time I did the girls instead. The more I look at the card, the more it reminds me of Brady Bunch; except not having a 3X3 grid. And that these are friends, not step-families. And definitely no Alice.

Anyway, I tried to give them some cool clothes, but it was late when I was coloring, these were as 'cool' as they were going to get. Hahaha...

Anyway, here's to another day!

Card by Marcos
Stamp by Splendid

p.s. Stamper's Dream is having sale on her JustRite product. I recently started playing w/ these stamps and having fun... go check them out!

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