Monday, November 17, 2008

Xmas Door

Xmas Door
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This is a card that pretends it's a side of a house. I even trimmed the corners to be like a side of the house. Although, guess if I really want it to be a true side, I should have trimmings on the side. Hmm... will have to think on that a bit.

So, if I were Martha Stewart, that's what I'd do to my house front. That way, people can see my nice trimmed trees and wreaths galore.

Speaking of, I'm hooked on this show hosted by Martha Stewart's daughter and her friend. They mock Martha's showed from years past. Some of them are just hilarious. You have to check them out.

They poke fun, and actually try their hand at the projects... basically saying things you know we've all been saying... why would you do this, or who in their right mind would do that... that type of things. I'm hooked!

Window stamp: Lizzie Annie
Door stamp: Paper Salon
Trees: Jolee's

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