Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Birdy thank you

Birdy thank you
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Well, Tax Day is here... I hope everyone had a decent time, unlike mine. Both DH and I had to pay an arm, which is an improvement from last year when we paid an arm and a leg. That was painful. This year we got a little relieve, but still not good....

You know what that means, right? It means, less money for stamps and paper. Boo!!!!

Anyway, this card I did is for a guy friend. He and I are both in the Swing Dance community. He did alot for the group and I wanted to show him some appreciation. So, I got him a gift card and thought I'd make him a card. Trust me, if I have more time, I would've made one of those nifty gift card holder/card thingys, but alas... I didn't get to.

I like this birdy alot. And while it's not as many as I had hoped, I think it'll pass, don't you? Hmm...

All supplies by SU

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