Wednesday, April 1, 2009


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This seems to be me on a regular basis. I'm always at my desk, so this seems appropriate.

I don't usually F5 (refresh) much. Only when things gets stuck. Since I spend more than 40 hours here at work, they tend to have better service on that front.

However, I'm super scared on the April 1st because of this worm that everyone talked about. Even though we're Mac users at home, at work it's nothing but PC, and you know some idiot doesn't know better and hit the button to infect everyone. Oy.

Well, no fun things for April's Fool... we're swamped on all fronts and I think I"m getting sick, which I'm loading tons of Vitamin C just in case. *fingers crossed* that I don't get sick.

Card by Joann's
Paper by Colorbox
Stamp by MFT

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