Monday, April 6, 2009

Robot bday!

Robot bday!
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I must say that I love the girl robot... she just softens the whol robot is stiff and cold notion. I wish more robot is like her, as opposed to looking more AI or what was that Will Smith movie w/ robot killing people? Just more Jetson and less Steven Spielberg.

I just made a card in case someone needs it. I've been doing that instead of making cards I really need to... i.e. an upcoming nuptial for a set of friends. I'm just slow... can't be moved to do it, will probably have to wait till last minute to get that done.

In the mean time, I got more fun silly cards along the way... now is that so bad? Hee hee....

Been sick and just wasn't up to nuff to make any cards. Instead, took care of a dance event in May up in NY. It's harder than you think... the event is to celebrate a Swing Dance Royalty, Frankie Manning, who will be turning 95 years young. So, to have a big event, in NY is only appropriate. The problem is, we just wrapped up on an event in Houston, helped out a sister community also in Houston. And we're the very same people that will be doing this event in NY. That's just a long distance difficulty with a big event like that. We're anticipating 1600 people. That's just tons of people running around, tons of moving pieces. So, if I don't get to make more cards, that's my excuse.

Anyway, back to work.
Robot stamp by Bam Pop
Hat stamps by Hampton G
Bday by Inkadinkado
Patterned paper by Imaginsce

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