Wednesday, June 10, 2009


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So, as I was saying, this is a week of bridal cards week. This is the 2nd one. I think out of the series, this is the least pazzaz one out of the bunch. It didn't have tons of bling, but it is attempting to be clean and classy.

I was reading one of the many vintage blogs and saw some old designs that they had for wedding dresses, and it was clean crisp and still modern enough for today's culture.

So, I'm thinking... maybe if I can have a card that's just as timeless and maybe it will last a long time. Although, not all recipients keep their cards to infinity or anything. I can't even tell you where the cards from my wedding went. Probably recycled... sorry!

Anyway, Game 6 last night was interesting... it was fun to hang out w/ the boys. Too bad the hubby can't watch Game 7, because we're having a couples outing. It's a group of friends who don't get together as we all used to. Between work and family, it's just getting harder and harder. I know I'll hear grief about it till the end of time, but hey, you don't know the players on that game, but you know your friends... so that's my logic!

Background stamp by Savvy
Bride & Groom stamps by Amuse
Mr. & Mrs. Stamps by SU

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Sandie C said...

Love the touch of pink in this simple but beautiful card .