Friday, June 5, 2009


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I know I'm such a sucker for new stamps... But I really like what Christie Beckwith does w/ the lovely ladies. Now here's the interesting thing, I found... her illustrations does well and translate to stamps well, but seems like the ladies stamps translate much better than her men's. Now go figure about that. I don't care that people kept saying how they don't like the skinny headless people. They translate a style and I do not possess but admire, so that's my take on that. Not that the artist can't draw faces, but just having them headless, it allows you to put yoursel for whomever you want in their places. I like them for that reason.

Some artist did well on faces and translate well on stamps. But if you take a look around, for stamping purposes, doing faces well on stamps is difficult. You lose details, alot of emotions have to be kept in simple format or open for interpretation. So, that's why when you go to the store, you don't see too many well done faces without the characters looks like cartoon. I think because of that, that's why the cutesy cartoon characters sell well in this industry.

Alright, enough venting. I got commissioned to do several cards this weekend, I'm kinda excited about that after my little hiatus. The other day I made myself sit there and read a book, and let me tell you, that's such a refreshing thing to do in the evening. I was totally impressed w/ myself.

Card by Joanna's Essential
Polka dot transparency by Making Memories
Stamps by MFT
Patterned paper by Making Memories

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