Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wedding cake

Wedding cake
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I know I've been a slacker and neglect my bloggie, but here I am, I promise!

So, someone commissioned me to make some wedding cards, so this week will be nothing but wedding themed.

I remember the year that we got married I went to 8 weddings that year and one of them was my own. So, I can definitely understand how sometimes you just need wedding cards. Of course, the next round hopefully that I'll get commissioned to make baby cards. :)

Anyway, I wanted to have something simple and elegant, but not to much frou frou, so I did 2 damask and a cake. The reason was, for this girl who commissioned me, I had made her a card for her wedding and it's nothing but damask as a background, and she loved it. So, I was trying to do a little homage to that.

Uncard related... those of you who are keeping up w/ the hockey games, it's time for Game 5, stick to your seats! I'm not particularly partial to one team over another, but it's an interesting match. I'm going to watch the game w/ my husband who favors the Pens and a friend who favors the Wings, so it'll be interesting too w/ the smack talk and what nots.

Card by SU
Stamp by Impress Rubber Stamp
3D embellishment by Jolee's

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