Thursday, August 6, 2009


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Doesn't this background looks like a gate? Like to some Asian place or some fancy house that has a gate. Except their gate would probably be black and iron, not orange. Hmm...

Well, this is my last card for my thank you friend series. I like how the patterned paper worked well w/ the card and stuff. It just makes me happy when things all come together.

I've been a busy girl. I finished a penguin and had to sent it off to my friend, who is giving it to her sister. I have to prep for my fall classes, a la the candle. I still need to do a quick write up for couple more things. I'm like going in 15 directions and just one me and one head to go around. Hmm....

Well, hubby had his wisdom teeth out today... Poor guy, puffed up like a fish... it's kinda funny though... I know, I'm mean for taking joy in others pain. But, who else could I pick on? ;)

Is it Friday yet?

card and patterned paper by SU
Stamps by Martha Stewart

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